Contributed by: City of Hampton, VA

The budget crunch is upon all of us, and, as a result, we’re all looking at where the little efficiencies are to stretch our existing dollars as far as possible. With Laserfiche there are many aspects to consider when making decisions. Repositories and licenses cost money. So does scanning. How can we best use our existing resources?

Change Your Repository Settings!

Changing your repository options, specifically the ‘logout automatically’ option, will prevent users from becoming license hogs. That person who logs in and then leaves for lunch will be logged off automatically, freeing up a license for another user. This dialog box can be accessed by going into “Repository Options > Settings” and double-clicking on the “Logout automatically” setting.

Laseriche Repository Options

Note: This setting is relevant only with legacy Team/United licensing models. With Laserfiche Avante and Laserfiche Rio systems, because all users are named users, they don’t have to worry about running out of licenses or being locked out of the repository.

What kind of scanning devices do you have available?

While scanners are “the” option when it comes to high quantity document capture, almost all types of copy machines have scanning capabilities and can easily scan to e-mail. Ask your IT Department or manufacturer representative to set the image to either .tiff or PDF and add all users to the e-mail setting.

Even if all of your office staff are not Laserfiche users, being able to copy/scan to e-mail prevents the proliferation of paper, which could be another significant cost savings for you.

Do all of your users know, understand and use Laserfiche’s e-mail utility?

This again will decrease the proliferation of paper in your office and to your clients or the public.

Are you fully utilizing your LSAP?

Your time is valuable to your employer and we all pay for software support. When you have questions, contact your reseller and employ their assistance with answers and best practices. You don’t have to figure it out on your own. For more information, see Laserfiche’s Performance Tuning for Laserfiche Systems on the Laserfiche Support Site.

What’s in Laserfiche?

If Laserfiche has become your organization’s new dumping ground (in addition to your network, PCs, and ancillary devices…) then your data—and your server—could use some basic management.

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