New Beginning Children’s Homes

New Beginning Children’s Home streamlined forms in Laserfiche Cloud to benefit their goals of providing long-term, family-style care to children in foster care.

Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District

The school district used Laserfiche to process payroll without any delays during Hurricane Harvey, when employees needed it most.

Learning ARTS

Dedicated to the care of children with autism, Learning ARTS shares data about patients with their parents and behavior specialists in real-time to enhance care and programming, thanks to Laserfiche.

City Of Rochester

The city enhanced transparency by using Laserfiche to automate Freedom of Information Law requests.

City Of Ithaca/Tompkins County

Offering Laserfiche records management as a shared service increased efficiency and enhanced countywide collaboration.

Barranquilla Chamber Of Commerce

The chamber of commerce uses Laserfiche to provide access to public documents and registration services through an online portal.

Bank Of Beirut

One of Lebanon’s leading commercial banks, the Bank of Beirut uses Laserfiche to manage critical documents and automate business processes across 85 global branches.

Glasgow Credit Union

The largest credit union in the UK streamlines document management and the lending process with Laserfiche software.

Lebanese American University

The institution of higher education digitally transformed processes to enhance the student experience.

Dirección General De Desarrollo Social Y Asignaciones Familiares (DESAF)

Committed to fighting poverty in Costa Rica, DESAF implemented Laserfiche to help comply with government regulations.

Murria Solicitors

Murria Solicitors broke through paper barriers by implementing Laserfiche Forms, improving efficiency and accountability.

City Of Long Beach

Long Beach City Prosecutor Doug Haubert uses Laserfiche to improve the lives of his city’s constituents.

PERI Group

A leading manufacturer and supplier of formwork and scaffolding systems, PERI streamlined operations and enhanced the customer experience through an online portal.

Town Of Okotoks

The town centralized documents and optimized key government processes with Laserfiche.

Oakland County

Phil Bertolini, CIO, shares his vision on using Laserfiche as a shared service in Oakland County.

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