Digital Workplace

As the world steadily takes measures to safely reopen, employers are reevaluating the digital workplace. With onsite, remote and hybrid work opportunities, employees can enjoy a higher level of flexibility and job satisfaction. However, this brings new challenges for employers to promote collaboration, accountability and data security. Offering a range of productivity and citizen developer tools, Laserfiche provides the right balance of supporting business operations and a superior employee experience.

Build the Right Workplace for Your Business

  • Empower citizen developers to flexibly create and manage forms, processes and resources as relevant to their role and department needs via project workspaces.
  • Maintain visibility on process status with detailed action histories and reporting tools to monitor task progress.
  • Leverage a variety of low-code workflow and form designer tools to more quickly deliver streamlined user experiences.

Experience Simplified Work

  • Maximize user convenience by uploading and sharing Laserfiche content directly in Microsoft Teams where remote collaboration already happens.
  • Stay on top of daily work with a centralized dashboard to view relevant tasks, forms, reports and documents.
  • Offload repetitive manual data entry with automated workflows to gain time for more engaging and rewarding work.

What's the Impact of Digital Resilience?

Dive deeper into the impact digital resilience can have on other key business areas and see how Laserfiche can be the cornerstone for your organization’s digital resilience efforts.

Customer Experience

Keep your business connected with customers.

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Connected Enterprise

Create seamless experiences and improve data integrity.

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Empower team members with out-of-the box resources.

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Digitally Resilient Enterprises Run on Laserfiche

Find out how to automate processes and secure content enterprise-wide to support your digital resilience efforts.

Is Your Organization Digitally Resilient?