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The User Group Train Keeps Picking Up Steam!

laserfiche_user_group_rgbThis past Thursday, August 20, 2009, the Hampton Roads “chapter” of Laserfiche User Groups hosted its third successful meeting, and we showed no indications that we will be slowing down any time soon.

In typical fashion, the meeting provided those 3 key elements to the success of everything: food, folks, and fun. But in the midst of all of this frivolity, a lot of information was shared, too.

Debbie Wolff started the meeting out with a discussion on budget-saving/cost-cutting measures which can be realized through business process optimizations. This discussion led to some ideas about ways the group could discuss this topic regularly, including through our established user group Website.

We then moved on to a permitting demonstration by Jonathan Kim, a Presales Engineer with Laserfiche. His Web demonstration consisted of walking us through the process of applying for a permit to install a new water heater, from citizen, to government, and back again, using Laserfiche Workflow to automate the process. What a great advantage it was for both Laserfiche and our User Group to have someone on the west coast do a demonstration for us on the east coast without having to go through airport security!

We wrapped the meeting up with some updates from one of our local value-added resellers, Unity Business Systems, as well as some updates on what was “going on” at Laserfiche by way of Melissa Henley, lead marketing writer at Laserfiche as well as one of our user group’s strongest cheerleaders.

The great attendance and positive response at the meeting, as well as an exciting agenda for our next gathering have all signs pointing towards a bright future.

All aboard!