Turning Information Into Action Starts With Intelligent Data Capture

Unlock valuable information with AI-capture tools that process high volumes of content, extract data and automatically organize files.

Modernize Your Digital Transformation

Intelligent data capture is the first step on your journey toward digital transformation. Laserfiche uses AI-powered intelligent character recognition to automatically extract structured and unstructured data to drive automation of your business processes.

Save Time

Streamline capturing and classifying your data to make your content searchable from one centralized, organized place. Use this to find documents using keywords, metadata, annotations, file names and more.

Better Data

Use our bulk import tools to automatically classify metadata on many types of incoming content for later use in automated processes or document search retrieval.

Reduce Errors

AI and machine learning tools recognize and extract valuable data from documents automatically, removing risk of manual errors.

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Automate Capture, No Coding Required

User friendly drag-and-drop tools to create forms to collect and classify data, put it to work with process automation and gather deeper insights with built-in analytics for facilitating better decision-making.

See Laserfiche Intelligent Content Capture at Work

A smarter way to capture, organize and digitize your enterprise data.

Accelerate Accounts Payable With Smart Invoice Capture

Leverage Laserfiche AI to intelligently process your invoices with Smart Invoice Capture. Without any training, Smart Invoice Capture is capable of recognizing data fields from nearly any invoice format to use as information to populate your accounting systems or ERPs.

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Why Laserfiche?

It’s the complete, easy-to-use enterprise content management system you’ve been waiting for. Unlock value from your documents and use your organization’s data to transform your processes.

Make Your Data More Accessible

Use metadata to categorize content, kick off business processes and integrate documents with other systems. Laserfiche makes it easy for staff to find the information they need quickly.

Scale Seamlessly

Starting with bulk capture, Laserfiche grows with your organization to connect all your enterprise applications and transforms your records management, data governance and process automation operations.

Empower Your Teams

Our low code design allows anyone in your organization to create automated workflows with a simple, drag-and-drop platform. Deploy quickly and easily — no IT skills required.


The Ultimate Guide to Intelligent Document Capture

Everything you need to know to choose the best intelligent capture solution for your organization.

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