Accomplish More with Business Process Automation Software

Accomplish More with Powerful Process Automation

Laserfiche modernizes your business processes, allowing anyone to build easy-to-design automated workflows – no coding required. Support automation throughout your organization to transform how you gets things done.

Automation Has Never Been Easier

Accelerate your organization’s digital transformation by letting Laserfiche perform time-consuming tasks with lightning speed. Laserfiche’s user-friendly business process automation software enables anyone on your team to modernize workflows without programming experience required.

Reduce Repetitive Tasks

Employ Laserfiche’s intuitive, no-code interfaces and robotic process automation tools to connect legacy systems and tackle high-volume tasks while maintaining data integrity.

Accelerate Approvals

Auto-route documents to stakeholders and gather approvals quickly by building them into your automated process.

A template for Vendor Onboarding Process in the Laserfiche in-product Solution Marketplace

Deliver Results Faster

Speed up your return on investment by accessing prebuilt templates that are already solving problems for other Laserfiche customers.

Quickly Identify Improvements

Out-of-the-box and custom analytics reports help you gather valuable insights to identify areas for improvement and inform strategic decisions.

Smarter Workflows Await

With Laserfiche business process automation software, you’re only a few clicks away from dramatically improving your organizational efficiency.

Why Laserfiche?

We’re experts in process automation. And soon you will be too.

Start Automating Right Away

Drag-and-drop automation tools let you start automating right away without a lengthy development process or massive IT spend.

A Unified Platform

Laserfiche is a complete enterprise content management (ECM) system that brings all your data and automation tools onto a single, powerful platform.

Fast ROI With Prebuilt Templates

Prebuilt solution templates accelerate your return on investment without having to design a workflow from scratch. The Laserfiche Solution Marketplace includes hundreds of free industry and department-specific templates. Browse solutions, integrations and code samples and see what’s possible.


Design a Future-Proof Process Automation Technology Fabric

Download Forrester’s Best Practice report to discover how to navigate the process automation landscape and build a foundation for agility and cost savings in your organization.

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