Set New Staff Up for Success

Ensure newly-hired talent gets started on projects right away with automation tools that streamline onboarding approvals and route critical information to new staff.

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Managing Unprecedented Growth

Explore how this Texas school district, which hires more than 1,600 employees yearly, reduced employee onboarding from weeks to days using Laserfiche’s powerful automation tools.

Get New Talent Started Fast

Reduce the time employees spend filling out onboarding paperwork. Easy-to-use digital forms allow information to be entered quickly, accurately and conveniently, helping new talent get a head start on valuable, mission-critical work.

Offer a Great First Impression

Build a reputation for employee satisfaction by offering a first-class new-hire experience. Laserfiche’s robust process automation tools ensure that employees, managers and human resources departments are notified of what they need to do to keep processes moving.

Keep Employee Information Secure

Protect employee information and support compliance with industry regulations. Utilize records management tools to ensure employee information is kept for the amount of time required by law and properly archive and dispose of it when it’s time to do so.

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The Ultimate Guide to HR Automation

Spend less time managing paperwork and more time focusing on helping your employees thrive.

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