Connect Your Systems. Transform Your Business.

Make Laserfiche the backbone of your mission-critical line-of-business applications. Laserfiche’s business process automation (BPA) and prebuilt integrations quickly scale your organization of any size.

Integrations Made Easy With iPaaS

You have the option with Laserfiche to interface with best-in-class integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) providers to facilitate and automate your business processes to share data across hundreds of applications.

Through our strategic partnerships with Boomi and MuleSoft, organizations can now easily connect our leading enterprise content management system and process automation to all the other applications your company runs on.

Laserfiche’s easy-to-use content capture and automation tools, plus Boomi, means scalable process automation across your entire organization with over 100 application connectors for the top SaaS systems like SAP, Salesforce, Dynamics 365, Oracle and more.

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Integrating with Mulesoft’s Anypoint Platform enables you to capitalize on the benefits of Laserfiche’s intelligent content capture and automation to get robust, enterprise grade process automation across your entire organization with over 100 application connectors for the top SaaS systems like Workday, Tableau, PowerBI and more.

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Why Laserfiche?

Laserfiche has everything needed to connect mission-critical applications for organizations of any size.

Connect Systems Quickly

Connect systems at scale so you can continue your digital transformation without slowing down, using pre-built integrations from our Solution Marketplace, iPaaS connectors and more.

Empower Everyone in Your Organization

Intuitive interfaces and drag-and-drop automation tools make it easy for your teams to start using Laserfiche and begin automating time-consuming manual processes.

Be Part of an Engaged Community

Take advantage of integrations built by our experienced developers and our active developer community, who are creating new integrations and solutions regularly.

A Laserfiche bot automatically creates a new user in an administrative control, detailing its steps as it performs them.

Unlock Value From Legacy Systems With Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Connect third-party apps, websites or homegrown platforms that lack APIs to your modern apps. Laserfiche robotic process automation (RPA) tools enable you to minimize error-prone, repetitive data entry and clicks across application screens.


Maintain Your Workflow Momentum

Don’t let digital transformation slow you down – Laserfiche integrates seamlessly with your existing systems and acts as the backbone for your enterprise content.

Compose Tailored Solutions

Achieve your specific business needs by further extending the Laserfiche Platform with custom scripting, SDKs, web services, robust APIs and more. Our comprehensive Developer Center has everything you need to get started.

Maintain Data Accuracy Across Apps

Laserfiche’s Unified Platform lets you push and pull data as part of automated workflows to keep backend data in sync across applications.

Integrate Best-in-Class E-Signature Providers

Increase visibility and get to approvals faster. Use the convenience of secure e-signatures to make signing documents fast and easy.

Sync Your CRM With All Your Enterprise Content

Save time by automatically transferring data between Laserfiche and leading CRMs, including Salesforce, Dynamics 365 and Redtail, using pre-built, no-code connections. Reduce the risk of non-compliance — your data is secure throughout the process.

Fast ROI With Prebuilt Integrations

Quickly integrate Laserfiche with your mission-critical enterprise applications with out-of-the-box integrations with Microsoft 365, Ellucian and many others.

Fast ROI with Prebuilt Templates

Prebuilt solution templates accelerate your return on investment without having to design a workflow from scratch. The Laserfiche Solution Marketplace includes hundreds of free industry and department-specific templates. Browse solutions, integrations and code samples and see what’s possible.


The Guide to Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Boost productivity by offloading time-consuming manual tasks to the Laserfiche built-in bots. No technical expertise needed. No coding required.

Start Integrating Now

Build custom apps to extend the Laserfiche Platform into your tech stack. Explore our comprehensive developer tools and resources to get started.