Connect Your Systems. Transform Your Business.

Connect Your Systems. Transform Your Business.

Leverage Laserfiche at the core of your essential content-centric business applications. Integrating Laserfiche empowers your organization with advanced process automation and enterprise content management capabilities at scale.

Why Laserfiche?

Laserfiche has flexible integration tools to build connected experiences across mission critical applications. Facilitate access to vital information in a way that makes sense for your organization.

Enterprise Integrations Made Easy

Use iPaaS integrations and RPA tools to scale your business transformation, synchronize data, and improve operational workflows.

Faster Time to Value

Native integrations that simplify development efforts for common apps such as DocuSign, Adobe Sign, Microsoft 365 and industry-leading CRMs.

Compose Tailored Solutions

Satisfy specific business needs by further extending the Laserfiche platform with custom scripting, web services, APIs and more.

Flexible Integration Tools to Build Connected Experiences

Enterprise data integration tools break down data silos, consolidating unequal data and creating a unified data set that’s persistent and accessible across the organization. With centralized access to data, employees can make more accurate decisions and spend less time preparing and analyzing data. Laserfiche offers multiple integration tools:

Laserfiche API

Build custom integrations and use our set of RESTful web APIs to extend the Laserfiche platform into your tech stack. Keep enterprise apps synced with Laserfiche content to maintain accurate and reliable data across platforms.

Custom-built integrations

Solutions for industry specific integrations. Accelerate your ROI and jumpstart your business specific needs using some of the most popular applications.

Native App Connections

Simplify development efforts with an Laserfiche native integration for common apps such as DocuSign, Adobe Sign, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and other industry-leading CRMs.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Unlock value from legacy systems with RPA tools. Connect third-party apps, websites or homegrown platforms that lack APIs to your modern apps.


An iPaaS allows scalability of a business to integrate a broad variety of cloud and on-premise applications to facilitate hybrid data flows, synchronize data, improve operational workflows, and gain better visibility.

Multi-function Device (MFD)

Simplify document digitization by linking Laserfiche with Ricoh and other popular multi-function devices.

Direct Laserfiche Integrations

Enhance your organization’s efficiency with direct integrations to some of your major business systems like Salesforce, SAP, Esri, Ellucian, and more.


Esri and Laserfiche combine your mapping, process automation, and document management capabilities to help empower your organization to access relevant information based on geographic location and enhance spatial analysis and decision-making.

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Ellucian* and Laserfiche enhance access to student records, documents, and workflows within the Ellucian platform, elevating administrative processes and creating a comprehensive solution for higher education institutions.
* (native application connection and included within Laserfiche)

Microsoft 365

Store, collaborate on and govern content with the Microsoft 365 integration, including the Office suite and Teams.

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Salesforce and Laserfiche together allow users to quickly access and manage vital information across systems, reducing manual effort and preventing duplication of data and documents, resulting in improved customer service.

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SAP and Laserfiche facilitates seamless capture, storage, and management of business documents and related information, streamlining document-drive procedures, assuring centralized access to crucial data, and enhancing business process management.

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Streamline agreement processes by automatically sending documents for digital signatures using DocuSign, Adobe Sign and OneSpan.

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“We’ve got Laserfiche integrated with our core technologies, so users can view documents through our front-end that are pulled from the Laserfiche platform, without having to open up separate applications. Employees find it quite easy that they’re not having to work across multiple platforms.” — Paul McFarlane, Chief Technology Officer at Glasgow Credit Union

Integrations Made Easy With iPaaS

You have the option with Laserfiche to interface with best-in-class integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) providers to facilitate and automate your business processes to share data across hundreds of applications.

Through our strategic partnerships with Boomi and MuleSoft, organizations can now easily connect our leading enterprise content management system and process automation to all the other applications your company runs on.

Laserfiche’s easy-to-use content capture and automation tools, plus Boomi, means scalable process automation across your entire organization with over 100 application connectors for the top SaaS systems like SAP, Salesforce, Dynamics 365, Oracle and more.

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Integrating with Mulesoft’s Anypoint Platform enables you to capitalize on the benefits of Laserfiche’s intelligent content capture and automation to get robust, enterprise grade process automation across your entire organization with over 100 application connectors for the top SaaS systems like Workday, Tableau, PowerBI and more.

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A Laserfiche bot automatically creates a new user in an administrative control, detailing its steps as it performs them.

Unlock Value From Legacy Systems With Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Connect third-party apps, websites or homegrown platforms that lack APIs to your modern apps. Laserfiche robotic process automation (RPA) tools enable you to minimize error-prone, repetitive data entry and clicks across application screens.


The Guide to Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Boost productivity by offloading time-consuming manual tasks to the Laserfiche built-in bots. No technical expertise needed. No coding required.

Start Integrating Now

Build custom apps to extend the Laserfiche Platform into your tech stack. Explore our comprehensive developer tools and resources to get started.