Get Ready:
Self-Hosted Laserfiche 12

Experience new metadata and testing features, powerful administration tools, and enhanced usability.

Coming this November

“Laserfiche 12 is the biggest release with the most innovations and new product features in recent Laserfiche history.”

— Michael Allen, CTO Laserfiche

Why Upgrade This Fall?

Improved Usability

You’ll spend less time clicking, and more time creating with easier navigation, a refreshed UI/UX, and compact data-dense views.

More Powerful Administration

Grow your Self-Hosted deployment alongside your organization with powerful Enterprise Identity Management tools and more efficient user management.

Flexible Deployments

Customize software updates to meet your needs and use new installer tools for smoother rollouts and better user adoption.

Don't Risk Your Data or Spend Hours Troubleshooting Forms

Forms Test Mode helps with faster process rollouts without risk to your production data. Easily modify, troubleshoot, and customize live forms, and keep your critical processes running with no need for downtime. Eliminate the need to alert your team when you are making process improvements, check that email tasks are working, and save time by manually triggering your timed events to test your process end-to-end.

Spend Less Time on Administration

Reduce the time collecting or locating information to administer or support your Laserfiche system. With the new Admin Hub, easily understand your full environment, get detailed system metrics, centralized logging, support details, and more.

Intuitive Data Entry and Management

Streamline your metadata entry with new checkboxes, radio buttons, and display fields based on previous inputs. Build metadata templates quickly and intuitively with the new visual Metadata Designer to reduce mistakes and improve readability.

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Considering Laserfiche Cloud?

If you’re interested in moving from Self-Hosted Laserfiche directly to Laserfiche Cloud, visit our Migration Assessment Tool Hub to learn more about your upgrade.

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