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Supercharge Your Productivity with Laserfiche AI

Driving innovation and empowering users to unlock new possibilities in enterprise content management.

Increase Productivity

Laserfiche AI not only improves productivity but also positively impacts overall company performance. Businesses can free up their employees’ time, allowing them to focus on more critical, high priority strategic goals.

Laserfiche Data Privacy and Security

Your organization can rely on Laserfiche’s security and privacy for your most sensitive content generated by Laserfiche AI. Laserfiche Cloud provides granular access controls, enterprise-level security and data encryption. Note that Laserfiche AI models are never trained on your data without your written consent. This means your proprietary data stays safe and secure.

Improving Monitoring and Analysis of Data

By analyzing vast amounts of unstructured data, Laserfiche AI is being enhanced to extract valuable insights and trends. ECM users can utilize this capability to gain deeper insights into their content repositories, enable better decision-making and strategic planning.

Unlocking Content

Process Automation enhanced with AI can automate the process of generating and validating content, saving users valuable time, and reducing errors. Turning ideas into working prototypes and blocks of code, dramatically shortening the time from idea to delivery is a key benefit of Laserfiche AI.

How Laserfiche Is Leading The Way

Laserfiche’s vision for how AI will transform the workplace focuses on empowering individuals to transform their work, take control of their processes, and supercharge their productivity — all without losing sight of increasingly important and ever-evolving data privacy and security standards.

Content Analysis

The process of analyzing content to derive meaning and context. It can be used, for example, to provide explanations of the meaning of a highlighted piece of code or logic, describing what each part does and how it contributes to the functioning of the whole. With Laserfiche AI, users will be able to select a piece of code, HTML, CSS, a regular expression or a process diagram to get an explanation of what it does and how it works – all within a few seconds.

Content Generation

Laserfiche AI will utilize state-of-the-art AI models to help users build new and update existing solutions with much less coding. Instead of building solutions from scratch, Laserfiche AI can be used to accelerate the process of turning ideas into working prototypes and blocks of code, dramatically shortening the time from idea to delivery.

Content Transformation

Leverages techniques from both content analysis and content generation to generate content from similar or related content in a different format. This application of AI includes capabilities such as document summarization and audio-to-text transcription. Content transformation will allow data to be enriched and annotated to facilitate multiple uses. Easier, more natural search and simpler integration with third-party enterprise systems are two examples.


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