Support HIPAA compliance and patient confidentiality

Secure Information

Protect patient information with security tailored to roles and responsibilities.

Compliance Ready

Support compliance with HIPAA requirements to avoid costly fines.

Privacy Prioritized

Safeguard protected health information and other sensitive data.

Log and Report

Track unauthorized access, printing, emailing and more.

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Get a 360 degree view of patient records

Instantly Retrieve Records

Allow doctors and nurses to instantly access electronic records without disrupting patient care.

Get Efficient with Data

Automatically populate template fields, simplifying indexing and chart retrieval.

Link Unstructured Content

Link supporting content such as authorizations, outside lab results and EOBs to electronic medical records.

Shorten collection and claims cycles

  • Provide online access to information with secure, web-based interfaces
  • Automatically route requisitions for approval and review
  • Extract data from EOBs and link it to patient records, facilitating faster cash posting
  • Eliminate the need to physically copy, batch and transport provider documents
  • Route charge forms to appropriate personnel for verification, coding and billing input

Leading the Way Through the Post-COVID Recovery
See how Laserfiche can help your organization build digital resilience in a post-pandemic world.

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Digital Transformation Playbook For Healthcare

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