Drive Digital Resilience and Agility Enterprise-Wide

A global leader in streamlining workflow process and data management in highly regulated and complexly structured industries, Laserfiche enables manufacturers to digitally secure and structure content and continuously building success to drive profitable growth — to reimagine the future of digital manufacturing.

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Power Your Processes, Power the Growth of Profitability

Seamlessly connect processes and departments while establishing new sustainable work processes, supporting compliance and streamlining production operations — all in a single platform.
  • Connect the Systems Driving Your Processes

    Build a digital ecosystem to maximize efficiency and achieve manufacturing resilience by integrating the systems and applications your teams rely on. No-code and low-code tools — including robotic process automation (RPA) — helps create a seamless connection between legacy software, ERP and PLM systems.
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  • Maximize Manufacturing Efficiency

    With more efficient processes and analytics, you’ll mitigate production interruptions and eliminate redundant tasks to build agility through sales, end-to-end planning, production operations and logistic processes.
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  • Automate Policy and Compliance Enforcement

    Help secure and protect data, files and critical engineering assets with a trusted and proven platform that includes records management tools to support regulatory compliance.
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Unify Your Critical Manufacturing Processes

Laserfiche is committed to empowering manufacturing organizations to maximize business growth and build digital sustainability.

Manufacturing & Product Operations

Control operation processes including quality and inspection through mobile and capture and imaging, while using data-driven reports to understand pain points.

Procurement & Supply Chain

Streamline supply management with automated workflows to create an efficient, robust procurement cycle and minimize manual work of inventory management.

Aftersales, Sales & Marketing

Enable fast remote access to and seamlessly manage trace critical documents while eliminating siloed data to elevate the customer experience.

Accounting & Finance

Become more agile and adaptive by centralizing information and structuring unstructured data so it’s easily searchable. Plus, you can accelerate the accounts payable processes with a pre-trained system that automatically identifies invoice information.

Human Resources & Workforce Development

Streamline onboarding and empower employees to focus on high-impact work with automated processes.

Engineering & Research Development

Help protect data and assets in a unified repository with configurable security

IT & Innovation

Reduce the burden on your IT team with security controls built into Laserfiche Cloud, and support compliance with company policies and industry regulations.

Manufacturing Sectors Served

  • Aerospace

  • Construction

  • Gas and Oil

  • Automotive

  • Fabricated Metal

  • Industrial

  • Chemical

  • Food and Beverage

  • Life Sciences

Our Customers

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Manufacturing Integrations

  • CRM & ERP Systems

    Centralize all customer and employee information by integrating Laserfiche with popular customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems such as Salesforce and PeopleSoft.

  • Digital Signatures

    Automatically send documents for digital signatures by integrating Laserfiche with Adobe Sign, DocuSign or OneSpan.

How Laserfiche Empowers Manufacturing

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