Design Content-Centric Processes. No Coding Needed.

Take on everyday business challenges by automating time-consuming tasks with a drag and drop process automation platform. Laserfiche enables anyone in your organization to deploy automated solutions.

Smarter Workflows Await

With Laserfiche business process automation software, you’re only a few clicks away from significantly improving your organizational efficiency.

Transform processes vital to your department directly to advance your organization’s digital transformation.

You know your department best — and what it needs. Take charge of automating everyday processes so your department is empowered to get its best work done.

Automate invoice capture with built-in AI tools to extract metadata and text from invoices and other documents.

Resolve bottlenecks by adding in digital signatures, securely routing drafts inside and outside your organization and more without requiring IT work.

Control your own processes, even those that deal with confidential data, such as onboarding and recruiting.

Empower employees to self-organize to react quickly to changes in business needs.

Automate Processes with Easy Drag and Drop

Automate the business processes you rely on every day with Laserfiche’s helpful visualization tools and drag and drop interface. Add conditional logic to automated processes without any technical expertise.

Accelerate Approvals

Create online fillable forms, then automatically route them to appropriate stakeholders. Laserfiche provides tracking and visibility throughout the form’s lifecycle.

Empower Business Technologists

With secure role isolation, IT can allow you to build the processes you need without IT effort.

Improve Data Consistency

Automate processes across organization to ensure data integrity. Relevant information only needs to be inputted once and validation rules can be built in.

Integrate with Line of Business Applications

With both native and templated integrations, Laserfiche makes it easy for the business technologist to pull data from hundreds of other applications into their processes.

Stay in Control of Compliance

Automate tasks without fear of falling into non-compliance. While anyone can be empowered to build, IT continues to have oversight to ensure compliance across the enterprise.

Extract Deeper Business Insights

More data means more business insights. Prebuilt and custom reporting tools let you leverage your automation to gain a clearer perspective on your enterprise and help you make data-driven decisions.

Build Your Own Integrations

Building custom integrations without needing to touch the underlying architecture becomes easy with drag-and-drop process automations that works on the surface of applications.

Why Laserfiche?

Leveraging low-code automation with Laserfiche helps you capture immediate value to see return on investment quickly.

End-to-End Content Management

Laserfiche centers your processes around content, making it easy to automate routing documents for approvals.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Laserfiche’s easy-to-use drag and drop interface lets you boost productivity immediately while unlimited extensibility means the platform scales with you.

Secure Documents and Processes Easily

With the tools in Laserfiche security, IT can delegate workspace security to teams, empowering them to build and handle confidential data as they need.


The Low-Code Automation Designer’s Playbook

Learn about the benefits of low code automation and get ideas to automate processes at your organization — no technical experience needed.

Prebuilt Templates Make Automation Even Easier

The Laserfiche Solution Marketplace features hundreds of ready-to-use process templates. Leverage templates already in use by enterprises in your industry to quickly achieve a dramatic improvement in efficiency.

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