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Laserfiche AI Document Summarization Is Here

Using generative AI, now you can summarize virtually any file with text or voice transcription, for a concise description of a document’s content.

    Key Benefits
    • Eliminate tedious sifting through your documents to find relevant information
    • Summarize virtually any document containing text or transcribed audio in seconds
    • Concisely summarize on demand video files, Excel, PowerPoints, and more
    • Share a summary via email or URL link
    • Read our latest blog post to get a walkthrough of Laserfiche AI Document Summarization
    • For detailed technical information, see the documentation

Laserfiche Cloud April ’24 Updates Now Live

This release includes new features, bug fixes and performance enhancements across the platform.

Form Signature Field Enhancement
Signature fields within the new form designer can now be marked as read-only if they were signed in a previous step in a process. This means a single form can be used across multiple steps while displaying previously signed fields, and without having to render the entire form read-only

Form Date Field Update
We have enhanced date field configuration so users can set dates relevant to when they’re filling out the form. You can set minimum and maximum valid date ranges using options like the current date, day after current date (tomorrow), or relative dates. Additionally, you have control over which dates are selectable within the calendar picker, including specific dates, weekdays only, or custom criteria based on JavaScript functions. Explore our documentation for practical examples and creative ideas.

HTML in Field Settings
Designers can add simple html markup in labels, text below/above fields, and tooltips across all form fields. You can add simple break tags to break up labels, or even add button and input elements wherever you want. Leveraging this new HTML markup, along with HTML events, lets you create a highly customized interface within the Form Sandbox — no custom HTML fields required.

You can now attach more than four attachments in the Email Activity in Workflow. You can attach up to 20 files, with a maximum total size of 25MB for all attachments. Visit our changelog for detail on on all release items this month.


Laserfiche Cloud March ’24 Updates Now Live

This release includes new features, bug fixes and performance enhancements across the platform.

Form Lookup Rules now natively support Web Requests, allowing forms layout designers to easily and more securely integrate any 3rd party API data source, as well as the Laserfiche API.

Additional improvements and bugfixes are included in the latest release. Visit our changelog for more.


Laserfiche Cloud February ’24 Updates Now Live

This release includes new features, bug fixes and performance enhancements across the platform.

Capture Profile Zones have been improved for more accurate data handling in your workflows. Capture Profile zones now return a blank value when a zone’s anchor is not found on the page, rather than capturing the text at the zone’s location.

If a field is not part of a document, its value will be blank. It also allows Workflow to respond to blank vs filled fields and process documents accordingly.


Laserfiche Cloud November ’23 Updates Now Live

This release includes new features, bug fixes and performance enhancements across the platform.

Leverage even larger enterprise-level data sets. Use millions of data points real-time across forms and workflows and enable support for tens of thousands of customers.

Take advantage of Laserfiche’s inherent security and records management functionality with a tight integration with SharePoint Online. This integration provides common repository management capabilities for Laserfiche Cloud users right within SharePoint Online.

Streamline securely sharing documents by automatically generating a one-time passcode for content recipients, instead of having to create and share a password manually.
This feature can also be used for multi-factor authentication (or MFA) experience when multiple security levels are needed.

Ongoing Forms work helps eliminate the need to script common scenarios and puts more power in the designers’ hands. Configure field rules to run based on where the form is in a process and have more control over how forms are saved to the repository.


Laserfiche Cloud October ’23 Updates Now Live

This release includes new features, bug fixes and performance enhancements across the platform.

Designers can now customize the sub fields within an address field for situations like designing a form for an international user whose address is set up differently. When configuring a lookup query rule, you can configure the maximum number of rows to return which allows for better process performance.

Easily email teams directly about a task or dynamically email different teams by using a variable in this field that resolves to the name of a team. In Workflow, quickly find related documents with the same tag applied to them and automate uncutoff action on records that require reopening.

Several enhancements make navigating and finding what you need in process automation easier, such as viewing total number of selected list items, navigating to find your rules in a form and monitoring workflows.

Designers can now bind to HTML events within custom HTML fields to run functions in the layout designer JavaScript sandbox. The LFForm object can update more field settings to give you more control over all the labels in your form.

The Repository Cloud API version 2 release brings new API functionalities such as large file upload, standardized long operation APIs, and many developer ergonomics improvements and makes it easier for JavaScript developers to integrate with the Laserfiche repository.


Laserfiche Cloud September ’23 Updates Now Live

This release includes new features, bug fixes and performance enhancements across the platform.

Use Laserfiche with settings comfortable to you with a variety of regional settings like date and time zone support as well as full support for Canadian French and Latin American Spanish.

Find the data you want to report on with new reporting option for business processes to search for data through all versions.

Use Workflow to search for an empty metadata field to quickly find fields with missing metadata.

Ensure data is entered into form fields accurately with form masks that can enforce formats like standardized ID numbers. Use conditional logic to quickly find the data you need in tables and collections.


Easy Integrations – Now With MuleSoft and Boomi

Automate business processes and share data across 100’s of applications.

Open up a new world of integration possibilities and connect virtually any major application in your enterprise.

Laserfiche is now part of the integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that standardizes how applications are integrated into an organization, making it easier to automate business processes and share data across multiple applications.

Through our strategic partnerships with Boomi and MuleSoft, organizations can now easily connect our leading enterprise content management system and process automation to all the other applications your company runs on.


Automate business processes and share data across hundreds of applications

Import Agent 11 Now Released

Check out the latest Import Agent and Email Archive release! This release improves PDF handling, EML handling, has a variety of quality of life items and more!

See Release Notes

Check Out The Laserfiche API Today

  • The Laserfiche API is now available to self-hosted and cloud customers. Check out what it can do in the developer center!
  • Use a set of RESTful web APIs to build custom integrations between the Laserfiche repository and other third-party applications. Get started today by accessing how-to-guides, open-source API libraries and interactive Swagger documentation.

Visit the Developer Center

New Partner-Submitted Solution Templates

Check out some of the latest solution templates from our partners that help you kickstart your Forms automation and records management: Discrimination Reporting Form and a NEOGOV integration.

Visit the Laserfiche Marketplace

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