Laserfiche Certification

Our Laserfiche Certification Program offers you the opportunity to learn best practices in the product through a series of interactive modules and validate your Laserfiche knowledge in a Certification Assessment. We currently offer Certifications based on Laserfiche 10 and are actively releasing new courses based on Laserfiche Cloud and 11 with a new and improved experience.

New Courses for Laserfiche Cloud and 11

Our newer Certification Series, based on Laserfiche Cloud and 11, contain courses with optional content that you can take at a flexible pace, followed by a cost-associated interactive assessment to validate your skills on the topic. Completing these Certification Series will contribute toward your overall Laserfiche Certification.


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Find out why industry leaders choose to invest in the Laserfiche Certification program to grow their usage of the system and transform their workplace experience.

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Laserfiche 10 Certification Paths