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Laserfiche Avante Upgrade Promotion Ends 12/31

Thinking about upgrading to Laserfiche Avante? Want to expand from document management to workflow and business process management functionality? Now’s the time!

This quarter, we are featuring a special promotion for our existing Laserfiche Team and United customers with an equal dollar upgrade for Laserfiche Avante. If you’re ready to power forward with Workflow automation, or if you’re running into user or page limits, this is a great opportunity to upgrade to an equivalent Laserfiche Avante system. While upgrades normally require a minimum purchase, with this promotion, no additional purchase is required as long as you have current LSAP. But you don’t want to wait – this special promotion ends December 31.

While you might not have the budget for additional modules for your existing system, with this new promotion, you can trade in your existing system to take advantage of Laserfiche Avante’s fully integrated Workflow functionality. It’s the best way to save money and work more efficiently in today’s difficult economy.

If you’re interested in an upgrade, please get in touch with your reseller or call us at (800) 985-8533. We’re ready to help you learn how to power forward with Laserfiche Avante.