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Tech Tip: Web Access 8.1 New Features: E-mail Pages, In-Document Search URLs and Quick Print

Web Access 8.1 improves your ability to work with your documents, share documents and manage your repositories with the addition and/or enhancement of several features. In this Tech Tip, we’ll explore three of them: e-mail pages, in-document search URLs and Quick Print.

E-mail Pages

With Web Access 8.1, we have given users greater flexibility when e-mailing documents, allowing you to select individual pages from a Laserfiche imaged document to include with your message.

Note: You cannot e-mail individual pages of an electronic document.

To e-mail a page or pages from an imaged document:

  • Display the document’s thumbnails in either the Preview Pane or the Document Viewer.
  • Select the thumbnails of the pages you want to e-mail. To select more than one page, hold CTRL while selecting thumbnails.
  • Right-click the thumbnails and select Send Pages in E-mail.


Note: The Send Pages in E-mail option is available only if the settings in the E-mail section of the Web Access Configuration Page have been configured.

  • In the E-mail Basket dialog box, verify that the page numbers listed under the Select Page Range column match the pages you selected. If not, click the column and type the numbers of the correct pages. The range can consist of consecutive pages (e.g., 3-11) or non-consecutive pages (e.g., 1,5,9,67).


  • Click Create E-mail.
  • In the Send E-mail dialog box, enter the recipient’s e-mail address in the To field. If necessary, change the subject header and/or e-mail message. Specify how the pages should be included with the e-mail (URL links, Files, or Zip), and click Send.


In-Document Search URLs

In addition to being able to share URL links to a specific entry or to repository-wide search results, users can now use URLs to share results for text searches performed within a specific document. For example, John searches within a sales record for the company name “Castle Industries,” and he wants to share the results with his co-worker, Karen. If John and Karen have access to the same repository (as well as appropriate security rights), he can copy the URL and send it to Karen, who will be directed to the document and the corresponding search results when she pastes the URL in her Internet browser.

You can also create your own in-document search URLs using the following syntax structure:


To complete the URL, replace servername with the name of the server where Web Access is installed, database with the name of your Laserfiche repository, id with the document’s entry ID number, and searchquery with the search term you want to find.

Quick Print

Users with Adobe Reader installed on their computers can now print Laserfiche documents from Web Access more easily with the new Quick Print tool. In Web Access 8.0, printing a document took four steps: export as PDF, save it, open it and click Print. Quick Print condenses these steps by exporting and opening the document with one click. From there, users can print using Adobe Reader’s print options.

Note: Quick Print can only be used with Laserfiche documents with fewer than two watermarks, and it cannot be used with electronic documents.

To use Quick Print

  • Make sure you have added the Quick Print tool to the Folder Browser or Document Viewer toolbars.


  • Select or open the document you want to print.
  • Click Quick Print and use the Print option in the new window that opens.

2009-11-30 - Adobe Print Option