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Tech Tip: New in 8.2 – The Activity Node

The Laserfiche Administration Console’s Activity node gives administrators a quick and easy way to see what’s currently going on in the repository. Using the Activity node’s four sub-nodes, each of which is explained below, administrators can make high-level decisions about how the repository is being used, for everything from troubleshooting purposes to providing access to specific documents.

  • Sessions node* – Shows all users currently logged 5-23 tech tipinto the repository, including what machine and client they are using. This information can be helpful, for example, to see how busy a repository is, perhaps to determine when to restart a server for maintenance or troubleshooting. Administrators can right-click a session to disconnect it, which can be handy if, for example, a user forgot to log out before going on vacation (when a user is logged out, all of their unsaved work will be lost).
  • Checked Out Documents node* – Shows all checked out documents, as well as who originally checked them out. Administrators can right-click a document to undo a check out, which is useful, for example, if write-access is required for a document that is checked out to a user on vacation or no longer with the organization (if a check out is undone, the user who originally checked the document out will not be able to check in their work, though they could save their changes later as a new version of the document).
  • Current Actions node – Shows long-running actions currently taking place, such as volume migrations or briefcase imports/exports. This information can be helpful when troubleshooting repository performance, and administrators can right-click an action to cancel it.
  • Entry Locks node – Shows entries that are currently locked for editing (this type of lock is automatically granted to an entry when a user attempts to edit it; for example, when a user attempts to modify a document’s field values or text). Administrators can right-click an entry to unlock it, which may be necessary if, for some reason, a document was not successfully unlocked (this can occur if a user leaves a document open on their machine, or if a custom program fails to dispose of a document after it runs).

*Sessions and Checked Out Documents were previously available in Laserfiche 8.1, but in different locations in the Administration Console.

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