Agile Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

What’s the IT Department to do when leadership teams want centralized processes to mitigate risks and optimize costs, but employees don’t want to use an inflexible system that forces them all to work the same way?

Laserfiche Rio is the answer. By combining comprehensive ECM functionality with powerful business process management (BPM), security and auditing tools, Laserfiche Rio provides a solid enterprise content management (ECM) infrastructure that:

  • Manages your content.
  • Integrates with your existing IT portfolio.
  • Supports intelligent decision-making, enterprise-wide.
  • Grants the IT Department central control over standards, security and auditing.
  • Gives individual departments flexibility to customize their filing structures, views and workflows.

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Who needs Laserfiche Rio?

Large organizations with more than 100 users.

What’s Available?

  • A licensing server to produce system licenses.
  • Unlimited Laserfiche content servers.
  • A fully functional, true thin client interface.
  • The Laserfiche Workflow system.
  • A built in auditing solution for security and compliance.
  • DoD 5015.2-certified records management.
  • Production-level document capture and processing.
  • Read-only public Web portals with unlimited public licensing.
  • An SDK that includes COM, .NET and Java libraries.

Laserfiche Rio Advantage

Laserfiche Rio gives your organization central control over its information infrastructure, while also offering individual business units flexible content and business process management.

With its agile ECM framework and philosophy, Laserfiche Rio is designed to give your organization central control over its information infrastructure, including standards, security and auditing, while also offering individual departments, offices and business units local flexibility over content and business process management. This unique design creates value by providing a single system that meets the needs of all departments while improving compliance by implementing a central point of control over enterprise information assets.

“Laserfiche provides an ECM standard that handles automated, repeatable processes in every department, while still giving each the flexibility it needs. And it helps my staff work more efficiently, because I establish central rules that are then administered by individual department heads.”

- Caren Skipworth / IT Director / Collin County, TX

  • CRM System
  • ERP System
  • E-Mail Server
  • Local Users
  • Web Users
  • Microsoft SharePoint Users
  • Mobile Users
  • Third-Party Applications
  • Web Browser
  • Laserfiche Plus CD, DVD, Portable Hard Drive, USB Drive
  • MAPI-Compliant E-Mail Application
  • MMC Snap-ins
  • SDK
  • Web Browser
  • Audit Files
  • Web Browser
  • Network Folders
  • Fax Servers
  • File Servers
  • Third-Party Applications
  • ERP Documents
  • Databases
Laserfiche Rio System Topology

Laserfiche Servers

Workflow Engine

Enterprise Search

Content Management

Records Management

Document Imaging

Laserfiche Rio System Topology

Configurable Business Process Management

  • Create workflows with an intuitive, graphical design tool that provides a top-down process map, toolbox of activities and wizard-driven configuration.
  • Support enterprise-level integration strategies with built-in activities to automate the processing of retrieving and updating information from third-party databases.
  • Extend functionality with an embedded Script Editor that supports C# or VB.NET scripting.
  • Integrate with line-of-business applications by using scripts, creating custom activities, and using the Workflow SDK.
  • Troubleshoot, optimize and report on system processes with an included search and reporting interface and Administration Console, or use included ADO.NET data objects to process analytics by preferred reporting tools.

Related Features

  • Pre-Built Activities
  • Custom Notifications and Triggers
  • C# and VB.NET Script Editor
  • Search and Reporting Interface

The Laserfiche Workflow system is designed to be highly configurable and extensible.

Laserfiche Rio System Topology

Core Content Management

  • Unite document imaging, document management and records management functionality as part of the Laserfiche system’s core architecture, not through separate modules stacked together.
  • Eliminate silos by managing and storing content so it is accessible to multiple systems, departments and staff members.
  • Scan, import, search and access documents directly from your SharePoint site with the included Laserfiche SharePoint integration.

Related Features

  • Version Control
  • Library Services
  • Unified Metadata Models
  • Bundled OCR/Full-Text Indexing

The thin client interface does not require any software to be installed, maintained or updated at the workstation level.

Laserfiche Rio System Topology

Controlled and Flexible Governance

  • Simplify governance by integrating DoD 5015.2-certified records management with Laserfiche Workflow to dynamically build customized views to the Laserfiche repository for individual business units.
  • Share and enforce best practices by automating manual processes, including content classification and filing.
  • Archive and manage SharePoint documents in the Laserfiche repository once the collaboration phase is complete.

Related Features

  • Local or Web User

Dynamically configure multiple views of the same repository, so the records management layout isn’t exposed to general users.

Laserfiche Rio System Topology

Clear-Cut Administration

  • Administer repositories and the Laserfiche Rio system from straightforward MMC snap-ins that behave as expected.
  • Produce licenses to deploy test, development and product systems with the Laserfiche Rio License Manager.
  • Update or modify metadata, security profiles, repository structure and file plan parameters through the same intuitive tools used for initial configuration.
  • Simplify integration with a comprehensive SDK, which includes pre-built merge modules, documentation, libraries (COM, .NET, and Java), and an ADO.NET provider.

Related Features

  • Windows/LDAP authentication
  • Desktop/Web administration options
  • Granular security
  • Distributable architecture

The Laserfiche Rio License Manager produces system licenses to deploy test, development and production systems.

Laserfiche Rio System Topology

Comprehensive Risk Management

  • Build a common, enterprise-wide ECM infrastructure that not only meets outside regulations, but also uses auditing and monitoring to incorporate internal controls.
  • Empower compliance officials to regularly review user activity, assess the effectiveness of internal control mechanisms and demonstrate regulatory compliance with Audit Trail, Laserfiche Rio’s built-in solution for security and compliance.
  • Maintain granular control over content with access control lists, folder filtering, security tags and privileges.

Related Features


Track almost any user action, from login and logout to creating, modifying, printing and deleting documents.

Laserfiche Rio System Topology

Completely Integrated Capture and Processing

  • Integrate document capture with document-driven business process automation via Laserfiche Quick Fields, the only production-level document capture and processing platform developed exclusively for a specific ECM system.
  • Extend business process to the point of capture, make information accessible immediately and audit information regardless of where it is in the capture process.
  • Bring capture to mobile workers with patented photo processing technology, an iPhone application and lightweight Web interfaces for mobile devices.

Related Features

  • Laserfiche Scanning
  • Photo Docs
  • Snapshot (Electonic Documents)

Laserfiche Quick Fields includes a variety of tools to automate document identification, indexing, classification and processing.

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What our customers are saying:

“Laserfiche Rio gives us the flexibility to manage our ECM infrastructure without having to continually go back, repurchase different licensing and add different modules. That’s really important.”

— Willa Zandy
IT Director

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Laserfiche Rio Licensing & Pricing

A Flexible Approach to Enterprise Deployment

With bundled functionality, unlimited content servers and its own licensing server, the system provides you with unmatched deployment flexibility.

With a fundamental design structure engineered to meet the needs of the IT Department, Laserfiche Rio is designed to be easy to purchase, easy to deploy, easy to support and easy to extend. Not only can organizations configure their own workflows, customize templates or write their own applications without hiring expensive consultants, but Laserfiche Rio is also flexible enough for department heads to easily customize and manage their own systems without any assistance from the IT department.

“What ‘high impact’ looks like is different in each department. We needed ECM that would meet the needs of the entire organization, as well as the specialized requirements of individual departments. Standardization on Laserfiche is vital to the long-term success of the whole organization.”

- Brandon Jackson / CIO / Gaston County, NC

  • Bundled functionality gives every department access to the tools they need.
  • The licensing model allows for the deployment of unlimited servers and repositories.
  • Leverage existing administration platforms — including Microsoft skillsets — for a lower total cost of ownership.
  • Named user licenses with significant volume discounts make it easy to determine licensing needs.
  • Active clusters and offsite mirrors can be stood up for high availability and disaster recovery.
  • Test and development systems can be deployed.
  • Data can be segregated to meet compliance regulations.
  • Different business units can have completely separate systems.
  • Scale easily from one hundred to hundreds of thousands of users. Named user licenses with significant volume discounts simplify the procurement process, eliminating long requisitions and making budgeting for an enterprise deployment much easier.
  • Integrate with your existing IT portfolio. As an open platform, Laserfiche Rio facilitates and encourages integration with line-of-business and legacy applications to solve transactional document problems and provide a rapid ROI.
  • Extend local flexibility. No ECM system will offer centralized control over content if it isn’t used. Laserfiche Rio is designed to provide centralization and standardization without compromising the flexibility and customization of information delivery required for defined business applications.
  • Configure, don’t customize. Configuration of Laserfiche Rio’s standardized solutions leverage existing administration platforms—including Microsoft skillsets—and offer a lower total cost of ownership.
  • Maintain control over your ECM environment. Support for virtualization, mirroring, test, development and other environments without the need to purchase additional software licenses puts you in complete control of system topology, high availability and recovery.
  • Grow with your organization. Because needs change, Laserfiche Rio maintains flexibility to reconfigure system attributes even after release to production—using the same intuitive tools used for initial setup.

Agile Infrastructure

The Infrastructure Underpinning Your Connected Framework

Every department and business unit has its own unique needs. Some are looking for simple search-and-retrieval, some need to access information through primary business applications such as geographic information system (GIS) or customer relationship management (CRM), and some want to enable the automation of repeatable processes such as case management, contract management, AP processing and more.

Although there are benefits associated with departmental installations of ECM, the enterprise—and the IT Department—benefits most from implementing an agile ECM infrastructure that can quickly and easily be configured to meet multiple departments’ needs.

Laserfiche Rio’s agile ECM ecosystem offers:

  • Quick and easy deployment.
  • Straightforward and adaptable administration.
  • Central control over standards, security and auditing.
  • The flexibility and adaptability necessary to meet the needs of many different departments.
  • Smarter Outcomes
  • Publication
    and Distribution
    Risk Management
    ROI for
    Repeatable Processes
    Information Portal
    Personalized InterfacesValue Creation
  • Valuable Capabilities
  • Transparent Records ManagementBusiness Process Management
    Enterprise ClassificationDocument Capture and ETLAuditing
    Enterprise Search and RetrievalInformation Life Cycle Management
  • Agile Framework
  • Single Point of Control

    By serving as the universal repository for all organizational content (including paper forms, audio/video files, e-mail, etc.), Laserfiche Rio provides a single point of control for complete life cycle management.

    Integrative Middleware

    By acting as integrative middleware that links into legacy systems and line-of-business applications such as GIS, CRM, ERP and more, Laserfiche Rio allows users to access information in the manner and environment in which they are most comfortable.

    Enable Shared Services

    By enabling shared services, Laserfiche Rio eliminates data silos and automates cross-functional activities, accelerating collaboration and data processing enterprise-wide.

Leveraging Existing Technologies

The Best Choice for Microsoft-Driven Organizations

Laserfiche has always built on Microsoft technologies to support close integration with industry-standard platforms. Laserfiche Rio takes this tradition to a new level, featuring even more transparent integration with Windows, Office and SharePoint, so your organization can more easily leverage existing investments in Microsoft technology and staff skillsets.

“Given Laserfiche’s experience and dedication to the Microsoft suite of technology, we saw that it delivers a complete offering to customers seeking an integrated content management and SharePoint solution.”

- Jerry Carnley / Chief Information Officer / Spindletop Mental Health Mental Retardation Center

  • Web: Administer your Laserfiche Servers and repositories through a Web-based Administration Console that can be accessed from anywhere.

    MMC: Manage your ECM repositories through a Laserfiche Administration Manager snap-in for Microsoft Management Console (MMC).

    Event Tracing: Troubleshoot with Event Tracing for Windows (ETW), supplemented by HTTP logging and real-time “console mode.”

    Windows Event Log: Monitor system health with an errors and warnings reporting system integrated with the Windows Event Log and the Laserfiche Web Administration Console.

    WMI: Automate administrative tasks with Windows PowerShell through Laserfiche Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) or .NET interface.

    Laserfiche PowerShell Provider: Implement cmdlets and a navigation provider for managing Laserfiche ECM servers.

  • DoD 5015.2-certified Records Management: Simplify the management of content created through SharePoint 2010 with transparent records management that automates business processes including records classification and filing.

    Laserfiche Web Part for SharePoint: Provide personalized, authenticated access to stored content from SharePoint pages. Directly scan or upload content into the secure ECM repository from SharePoint.

    Laserfiche Records Center Service: Minimize the content stored in SharePoint and move it into a centralized Laserfiche ECM repository.

    SharePoint Search Handler for Laserfiche: Provide Federated search across content stored in both Laserfiche and SharePoint from SharePoint pages.

    Laserfiche Workflow Activities for SharePoint: Support custom Workflow activities, including SharePoint-specific activities.

  • Microsoft Office: Send documents directly to the ECM repository from Office applications.

    Microsoft Outlook E-mail: Archive e-mail from Outlook and automatically extract message properties as metadata.

    Web Folders: Expose the ECM folder structure through Windows Explorer for simple drag-and-drop and browsing.

    WebDAV: Access documents stored in the ECM repository through Web Folders and other WebDAV extensions.

  • Workflow Designer: Create workflows by simply mapping your business processes.

    Built-in Activities: Use built-in activities to build workflows quickly.

    Extensible Rules: Create custom VB.NET and C# scripts using a built-in editor or design your own activities.

    Windows Workflow Foundation (WF): Integrate primary applications into ECM workflows using the Windows Workflow Foundation and the .NET framework. Export ECM workflows as WF workflow definitions, use Visual Studio .NET to incorporate them into your own WF workflows.

  • Single Sign-On: Authenticate with a Windows domain account in Active Directory.

    Permission Inheritance: Configure access through group membership, and allow users to inherit security settings from the groups they belong to.

    Access Control Lists: Secure documents through access control lists, security tags and privileges.

    Role-Based Authorization: Use granular permissions to grant access based on a user’s role.

    Privilege Delegation: Delegate security to more than one user with individual permissions.

    Secure Deletions: Secure deletions with DoD 5022.22 M–compatible deletion protocols.

    Secure Recycle Bin: Documents in recycle bin have original security fully intact. Administrators can control which users are allowed to permanently purge items from the recycle bin.

    Secure Communication: Support for SSL for secure communication.

    Auditing: Fully audit all system events.

    Reporting: Generate Web-based audit reports, available as tables or charts.

    SQL Reporting Compatibility: Generate audit reports with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.

  • Code Library: Jump-start custom integrations from working examples, with complete code samples, which can be used out-of-the-box or extended.

    Uniquely Addressable Documents: Access any Laserfiche document with a unique URL or entry ID.

    Extensible Web Interfaces: Customize Web interfaces built on ASP.NET.

    NET Toolkit: Create custom Laserfiche integrations with .NET assemblies that run natively on both 32-bit and 64-bit machines.

Laserfiche Support & Training

The Laserfiche Software Assurance Plan (LSAP) provides your organization with enhancements as soon as they are released, along with the technical support and detailed technical material that preserves and extends the value of your Laserfiche investment. It ensures that you have every resource you need to meet technical challenges and expand your Laserfiche infrastructure, including:

  • Rapid-response technical support. Your Laserfiche reseller will promptly troubleshoot and resolve any issues that arise—before they impact operations or affect staff productivity.
  • Online support resources. Your staff receives access to the Laserfiche Support Site, where they'll find the detailed technical information that helps them optimize system performance and maximize uptime, as well as integrate your document repository with your organization's other line-of-business applications.
  • The latest hotfixes, updates and patches. These critical items ensure that your Laserfiche system continues to operate at peak efficiency.
  • New releases. You'll make sure your system stays current, as new releases of your licensed products are included at no additional charge.
  • An easy path to growth. We're committed to continuously improving and expanding the Laserfiche product suite. And as we do, you can credit 100% of the purchase price of your current Laserfiche software toward any new product line purchases.

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