Case management is a collaborative process that enables the smooth delivery of human services such as income assistance, medical care and housing, among others. Effective case management is essential for providing high-quality services to qualified individuals at an affordable cost.

By digitizing and automating the case management process, you don't just save paper, you also make staff members more efficient in handling their specific tasks.

The Laserfiche Advantage

  • Comprehensive capture. Capture information from a wide variety of media (paper, e-forms, electronic documents, etc.) and software applications.
  • Batch processing. Automatically extract data from a large number of forms, eliminating the need for manual indexing, sorting and filing.
  • Easy integration with existing applications. Link into state systems or other case management applications to facilitate data exchange.
  • Instant search. Instantly locate any client's information using multiple search options.
  • Intelligent routing and notification. Automatically send client information to case workers, alerting them to new tasks with automatic e-mails.
  • Remote access. Grant case workers offsite access to content stored in the Laserfiche repository, enabling them to search for additional information while in the field.
  • Transparent records management. Route closed cases to the proper records management folders. Laserfiche allows organizations to build views that case workers understand even though the cases are classified within a formal retention schedule based on the file plan.
Laserfiche Case Management


Capture, process and file case-related documentation from a wide variety of media (e-forms, paper, electronic documents, etc.) and software applications.


Laserfiche Workflow automatically routes documents to the appropriate case workers, who receive notification via e-mail.

Review & Approval

Case workers review relevant information in Laserfiche. Using a drop-down menu, they approve or deny service. Laserfiche Workflow can also be configured to notify other applications of activity that has occurred in the Laserfiche repository, allowing case workers to use their primary application instead of logging into Laserfiche.

Ongoing Case Management

Using Laserfiche Web Access, case workers provide additional information and status updates on active cases from anywhere at any time.

Storage & Archival

Automate the retention and disposition of both active and closed case records, according to the rules governing your organization’s business practices.

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