Benefits of the Certified Professional Program (CPP)

Gain advanced, industry-relevant skills
In today’s competitive marketplace, there’s no better way to bolster your content management knowledge, showcase your job-related experience and verify your technical problem-solving expertise than by earning a Laserfiche Certification.

Convenient online training
Every CPP certification includes online training that you can access from anywhere at any time. Through the CPP's comprehensive online training, you can gain complex content management skills without having
to travel or spend time in the classroom.

A comprehensive training manual
Along with online training videos, you receive a full training manual with screenshots and a detailed walkthrough of all the functionality relevant to the CPP course you are taking.

No-nonsense certification exams
Online certification testing is administered on an ongoing basis for a $100 fee. If you do not pass the multiple-choice exam on your first try, there is no charge to re-take the test a second time.

How will the CPP help you?

  1. Quickly acquire advanced content
    management skills.
  2. Maximize the value of your Laserfiche investment.
  3. Earn a deeper level of trust from key organizational stakeholders.

Next Steps

  1. Browse through the course tracks and courses below.
  2. Register for an account and sign up for as many courses as you’d like.
  3. Log-in to access your courses at your convenience, 24/7.

Getting Started

These classes provide you with a basic understanding of Laserfiche enterprise content management (ECM) and working with the Laserfiche Client. They are designed for beginners and are recommended for anyone who is new to Laserfiche.

Content and Process Management

These classes provide business users with the knowledge and expertise they need to take advantage of Laserfiche features such as capture and business process management.

System Administration

These classes provide IT professionals and advanced business users with the skills they need to configure, support, troubleshoot and maintain Laserfiche.


Bonus Certification: CPP Gold!

The CPP Gold certification rewards users who have passed core certifications within the CPP Program. The credential signals that a user has achieved a solid understanding of essential Laserfiche processes and the fundamentals of ECM.

You will automatically achieve Gold Certification after you pass these
seven CPP certifications:

  • Laserfiche Specialist
  • Capture I
  • Capture II
  • Administrator I
  • Administrator II
  • Repository Architect
  • Business Process Management

Getting Started

ECM 101

New to Laserfiche? Get up to speed with an overview of the basics of ECM software and the main components of a Laserfiche system.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify best practices in document capture, business process management and records management.
  • Use document versioning, search and retrieval, and scanning.
  • Automate common business processes including resume review, hiring, and new employee onboarding.
  • Consider using mobile content management, transparent records management and high-volume capture.

La Gestión de Contenido Empresarial (ECM) 101

¿Qué es la Gestión de Contenido Empresarial (ECM) y cómo puede impactar a su negocio? Este curso cubre los conceptos básicos de lo que es el software ECM, sus distintos componentes y - más importante - cómo puede ayudar a una organización implementar nuestra filosofía Run Smarter®.


  • Obtener una visión general de la Gestión de Contenido Empresarial en acción
  • Familiarizarse con los conceptos y la funcionalidad de ECM
  • Aprender cómo el software ECM puede mejorar sus procesos de negocios

Laserfiche Specialist

Ready to start importing documents into your Laserfiche system? This course provides a comprehensive overview of how to work with content in the Laserfiche Client.

You’ll learn how to:

  • File documents efficiently and intuitively.
  • Work with digital documents.
  • Find relevant information quickly.
  • Take full advantage of the functionality of Laserfiche Snapshot and Laserfiche Scanning.

Content and Process Management

Repository Architect

Are you responsible for setting up a new document repository or reorganizing one that’s gone off the rails? This course covers proven practices for planning, designing and maintaining a well-organized repository.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Design a Laserfiche respository with ease-of-use in mind.
  • Gather requirements to determine the goals and expectations of a Laserfiche implementation.
  • Manage project implementation in an agile manner.

Business Process Management

Taking an entire business process from paper to digital can be overwhelming. This course offers an introduction to using Laserfiche Workflow to turn paper-based tasks into automated processes.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Diagram the steps of existing business processes.
  • Use Laserfiche Workflow activities to turn current tasks into custom workflows.
  • Create best practices for triggering workflows and run them efficiently.
  • Use diagnostic tools to troubleshoot the Workflow system.

Business Process Management II: Laserfiche Forms

Replacing paper forms with e-forms doesn’t need to involve IT knowledge or custom coding. This course gets you started with easily creating Laserfiche Forms and connecting them to powerful workflows.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Build dynamic Laserfiche Forms to replace paper forms.
  • Turn paper-based processes into triggered business processes that start when forms are submitted.
  • Connect Laserfiche Forms to a Laserfiche repository and Laserfiche Workflow.
  • Customize a form’s style and functionality.

Capture I

Laserfiche offers multiple ways to import paper and electronic documents into a document repository. This course outlines the most efficient ways to capture and organize documents in a Laserfiche repository.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Apply best practices for document naming and folder structure design.
  • Perform basic and high-volume scanning of documents into Laserfiche.
  • Increase image and OCR quality with image processing features.
  • Perform batch processing using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Utilize existing Laserfiche Quick Fields sessions to process documents.

Capture II: Quick Fields

This course delves into how to perform advanced document capture and image processing with Laserfiche Quick Fields from the basics through best practices and troubleshooting.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use Quick Fields to process documents.
  • Automate data capture with add-ons.
  • Administer batch scanning sessions.

Capture Workflow

Triggering automation from the point of document capture enables processes that are more efficient and require less oversight. This course outlines how to combine the functionality of multiple Laserfiche products to streamline an entire business process starting at document capture and conversion.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Connect document capture with business process automation.
  • Rework and streamline existing processes from start to finish.
  • Improving efficiency, accessibility, and accountability throughout the document management process.

System Administration

Laserfiche Administrator I

Are you responsible for the upkeep of your organization’s Laserfiche system? This course gives you all the fundamentals for setting up and managing an efficient, secure Laserfiche system.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Managing metadata.
  • Administer physical and logical Laserfiche volumes.
  • Design and enforce a system security policy.
  • Create an appropriate and comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan.

Administrador I para Laserfiche

Esta certificación presenta los aspectos fundamentales de un sistema Laserfiche pertinentes a su administración. Se recomienda este curso para cualquier persona que trabaja con la configuración y soporte de Laserfiche o que quiere aprender a hacerlo.

  • La gestión de metadatos.
  • La administración de volúmenes Laserfiche físicos y lógicos.
  • El diseño y la ejecución de una política de seguridad del sistema.
  • La creación de un plan de copias de seguridad y recuperación de desastres adecuado y completo.

Laserfiche Administrator II

Make the most of your Laserfiche installation by learning the optimal design considerations, performance tuning and system troubleshooting.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use advanced metadata design and functionality.
  • Identify performance tuning best practices.
  • Develop design and planning recommendations to meet unique requirements.
  • Implement advanced troubleshooting and system optimization techniques.

Advanced Security

Address your organization’s specific security needs with best practices for performing extensive configuration and maintenance of Laserfiche security settings.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use proven tips and tricks for security permission setup.
  • Troubleshoot security configuration issues.
  • Address security considerations outside of the repository.
  • Handle specific security scenarios.

Records Management Edition I

Are you an experienced records manager? Learn how to use Laserfiche to plan, implement and maintain your organization’s records management policies.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Translate record-keeping requirements into DoD 5105.2-based record series.
  • Design a file plan that simplifies classification and administration.
  • Make records management processes transparent to everyday users of the system.
  • Develop records notification and reports.


Learn the best pragmatic methodologies and tools to track down and correct problems within your Laserfiche system.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Apply formalized troubleshooting methodology.
  • Use Laserfiche and third-party tools that aid in identifying a problem.

Laserfiche Integrator I

Get a primer on using the Laserfiche SDK Toolkit to integrate with third-party applications, automate repetitive Laserfiche tasks or provide custom utilities.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use the various libraries in the Laserfiche SDK.
  • Know when and how to deploy SDK libraries.
  • Perform custom operations on the Laserfiche Server using SDK libraries.
  • Solve standard integration scenarios involving Laserfiche.