Laserfiche Scanning

This series is intended for users who will be responsible for scanning content into Laserfiche using Web Scanning available in Laserfiche Cloud, or Basic Scanning and Standard Scanning available in both Laserfiche Cloud and self-hosted. Completing the assessment at the end of this series will also contribute towards your Laserfiche Certification.Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this series, you will be able to:

  • Explain how you can use Web Scanning to quickly capture documents, describe the usage and layout of Basic Scanning, summarize how to set up the scan source, configure OCR and image enhancements, and choose the relevant properties when applying metadata and storing documents in the repository
  • Deduce when it is appropriate to use Standard Scanning and describe its interface, determine the appropriate settings for your batch of documents, and implement the relevant image enhancements, processes, and default properties when processing documents
  • And, choose the ideal order for the image enhancements available in Standard Scanning, adapt its different panes, experiment with its settings to facilitate each scanning session, and program the desired keyboard shortcuts for commonly used tasks

Course Details

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    1 hours, 27 minutes
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