The Laserfiche Integration Marketplace is designed for Laserfiche customers who are looking to leverage the customizations, configurations and integrations that others have already done. Browse or search for the modules you might need. When you find something of interest, download the module or contact the publisher. The Laserfiche philosophy is to democratize document management and offer our systems to organizations both large and small. Published by the Laserfiche user community and select Professional Developer Members, the Integration Marketplace offers integrations, configurations, plug-ins and Web tools.

Our customers often tell us how inspired they become after sharing ideas and suggestions at user group meetings and online forums. The level of experience, creativity and generosity displayed by the Laserfiche community really helps them improve the way their office runs. By hosting a marketplace, we provide a place for our users, our authorized resellers and our developer members to give back and share their know-how.

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Administrative Tools
  • Administrative Dashboard For Laserfiche by Cities Digital

    The Administrative Dashboard for Laserfiche gives Laserfiche administrators the ability to view statistics at a glance pertaining to the Laserfiche Server. Centralized graphs and data tables are populated with the most recent information on CPU usage, server memory, documents missing OCR and Metadata – along with most frequent Laserfiche users, the number of documents created, recent searches, and security rights.

  • DataMigrator for Alchemy to Laserfiche

    MCCi has developed and maintains a data migration utility specifically for migrating data from a Alchemy solution to your Laserfiche ECM Platform.

  • Datawatch Modeler

    Monarch is the world’s most widely used report mining, report analytics and report modeling software. More than 500,000 individuals use Monarch to get the data they need out of their existing, static reports.

    Monarch saves thousands of hours manually getting data out of existing reports, such as transaction reports, mainframe reports, ERP reports, invoices and more.

  • Fast Folders

    Fast Folders™ generates simple and/or complex folder structures in a Laserfiche repository almost instantly, from minimal information entered from a keyboard or from an input file (.txt or .csv).

  • FOIA Systems Suite for Laserfiche

    FOIA Systems and Laserfiche provide a complete solution for automating the entire public records request process from the request capture to the document(s) delivery.

  • ID Shield

    ID Shield™ is a powerful and cost-effective redaction tool that can help streamline the process of securing the sensitive data within your electronic documents.

  • Laserfiche Docs-on-the-Cloud

    “Docs-on-the-Cloud” is a private, virtual server optimized for Laserfiche users who do not wish to own or support on-premise servers.

  • Legacy Systems - Data Migration Services to Laserfiche

    MCCi has over eight years of experience migrating data from other systems into Laserfiche. A full range of migration options, from fully managed migrations in which MCCi works with your Laserfiche provider to handle all aspects of the migration, to custom utilities that end users or their Laserfiche Var may use to migrate documents on their own time.

  • LFIntegrator for AutoCAD

    LFIntegrator for AutoCAD allows you to store AutoCAD drawing files or associated documents in Laserfiche, including embedded cross-reference files, directly from the AutoCAD menu.

  • LFIntegrator for Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains)

    LFIntegrator for Dynamics GP brings the on-the-screen integration of A/R accounting processes with their myriad supporting documents.

  • MagniPost by Cities Digital

    MagniPost by Cities Digital is social media compliance and archiving service that allows organizations to monitor associate users’ activity on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It captures all postings in the Review Dashboard, and allows administrators to approve or deny the activities before they are executed. Posts can be archived to Laserfiche for future retrieval.

  • Monarch Report Mining Server (RMS)

    Monarch Report Mining Server (RMS) turns any traditional COLD report archive or ECM environment into a powerful source of business intelligence and analytics. RMS transforms the reports stored in your document management system into real, actionable data, such as Excel spreadsheets. RMS does it all with the click of the mouse and allows users to access live, flexible data for quick analysis.

  • New World Integration by Cities Digital

    Cities Digital’s New World Integration offers the ability to access Laserfiche Documents from New World Systems interface. Users can view Laserfiche Documents corresponding with New World records, as well as scan and upload Documents directly into the corresponding folder.

  • Output Assistant for Laserfiche

    A business process tool designed specifically to address your removable WORM media requirements for Regulatory and Compliance needs.

  • Unfetterfiche by Cities Digital

    Cities Digital’s Unfetterfiche Integration is a universal integration tool to link customer names, accounts or invoice numbers to records in Laserfiche with ease. From the screen “bug” or from a hotkey users can view documents associated with clients, vendors or employees, and scan from a web or windows application and automatically import key index fields or paths to file documents.

  • Volume Recovery Tool

    The Volume Recovery Tool is a disaster recovery utility designed for the situation where you have your image files, but you do not have the metadata, for whatever reason.

Capital Program Management
  • CIPAce

    CIPAce Software is CIPPlanner Corp’s complete, single-platform solution for Capital Program Management (CPM) on a real-time basis across an organization in the public sector.

  • Laserfiche Rio on the Cloud SaaS

    Get Laserfiche ECM Rio on the Cloud user licenses for direct use or resale, ready to run, from Cambridge Connections, the leading provider of Laserfiche Cloud services. Laserfiche Rio on the Cloud licenses include all of the functionality of a standard Laserfiche Rio license, provisioned with secure repository, SSL, backup, monitoring and storage, plus access to over 200 training videos. Laserfiche Rio on the Cloud is available through Laserfiche Resellers, Cambridge Integration Partners or directly for end users.

CRM Integrations
  • ACT! Integration by Cities Digital

    Cities Digital’s ACT! Integration offers the ability to link contact information from ACT! and ACT! for Advisors with corresponding Laserfiche documentation. This integration also allows for drag and drop capability for documents within the ACT! Interface. Users have the ability to scan or import documents, briefcases, or stored folder structures.

  • Advisors Assistant integration by Bluelake Software

    Since 2005, Bluelake Software’s Imaging Assistant for Laserfiche provides seamless integration with Advisors Assistant. Documents in Laserfiche show up as file links within each client in Advisors Assistant, like any other linked or attached document. Data from Advisors Assistant is automatically copied to Laserfiche Template fields for standalone searches in Laserfiche. Harness the power of a true document management system like Laserfiche on the backend, with no virtually no learning curve for existing Advisors Assistant users.

  • Advisors Assistant Integration by Cities Digital

    Cities Digital’s Advisors Assistant Integration gives the ability to access documentation stored in Laserfiche without leaving the Advisors Assistant interface. By opening a client profile in Advisors Assistant, users can view all corresponding Laserfiche documentation. Users may scan, import, or append documents within the Advisors Assistant interface and know that their documentation is synchronized with Laserfiche.

  • Finance Logix Integration with Laserfiche by Cities Digital

    This Integration allows for easy interaction between Finance Logix and Laserfiche. Users are able to work with the corresponding Client and Account Documentation using Laserfiche Web Access from the Finance Logix website. The Integration also allows for a full Laserfiche Repository view in Web Access from the Advisor Dashboard page, to get a high level view of documentation from the Finance Logix Interface.

  • Junxure Integration by Cities Digital

    Cities Digital’s Junxure Integration is used to link client records from Junxure to Laserfiche client folders. This integration is complete with a Documents tab in Junxure showing all corresponding client documents from Laserfiche. The integration allows access to Laserfiche documentation within the Junxure interface, synchronizes documentation with Junxure, and provides easy metadata management.

  • LFIntegrator for Salesforce

    LFIntegrator for Salesforce inserts Laserfiche Web Access into Salesforce objects, such as Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, and Contacts. LFIntegrator automatically searches the Laserfiche repository depending on the Salesforce object and displays the search results.

  • Microsoft CRM Integration by Cities Digital

    This Integration allows for easy interaction between Microsoft CRM and Laserfiche. Users are able to work with the corresponding Account, Contact, and Lead Documentation using Laserfiche Web Access from the CRM interface.

  • Orion Advisor Services Reporting Integration by Cities Digital

    The Orion Advisor Services Integration is used to archive Reports to a Laserfiche repository through a simple interface. Users can choose to import all Household Reports, a single Household, or a specific Report type per Household.

  • Redtail CRM Integration by Cities Digital

    The Redtail CRM Integration allows for easy interaction between Redtail CRM and Laserfiche. Users are able to work with the corresponding Client Documentation using Laserfiche Web Access from the Redtail CRM interface. The Integration also allows for a full Laserfiche Repository view in Web Access to get a high level view of documentation from the Redtail CRM interface.

  • Salesforce Integration by Cities Digital

    Cities Digital’s Salesforce Integration links relevant Laserfiche folders to contacts, leads, accounts, “Person Accounts” and custom data tabs in Salesforce. The result of this integration is an IFrame embedded within the Salesforce records showing relevant documents from Laserfiche. Also, the integration allows metadata to be pushed from Salesforce to Laserfiche.

  • Tamarac Integration by Cities Digital

    This Integration allows for easy interaction between Tamarac CRM and Laserfiche. Users are able to work with the corresponding Account, Contact, and Lead Documentation using Laserfiche Web Access from the CRM interface.

Digital and Electronic Signatures
  • CoSign Electronic Signatures for Laserfiche

    ARX CoSign® is the leading digital signature solution for industries such as AEC, Energy, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Life Sciences. CoSign digital signatures fully automate signature-dependent processes affordably in a compliant manner, allowing organizations to go paperless, expedite business and save costs. CoSign is the only digital signature solution that is seamlessly integrated with popular DM/ECM/Workflow solutions. CoSign signatures are globally verifiable by external parties without the need for proprietary-validation software. CoSign is also centrally managed by the organization for reliable control of signature privileges, ease of use and administration. To learn more please visit

  • Digital Signature Kit by Cities Digital

    The Digital Signature Kit for Laserfiche allows users to select documents and sign using a digital signature pad. The signature may be placed on any page of the document and sized appropriately to fit in any space. A date/time stamp may also be applied. All signatures are logged in the Audit Trail and a second signed version is automatically linked to the original unsigned version. Optionally the application may be configured to overwrite the unsigned document.

  • Laserfiche Integration with DocuSign

    The Laserfiche Integration with DocuSign enables Laserfiche users to use DocuSign to collect electronic signatures securely and to store signed documents in their Laserfiche Repository.

Document Capture and Distribution
  • Auto OCR by Cities Digital

    Auto OCR by Cities Digital offers the ability to scan a Laserfiche Repository as a scheduled task and automatically index and OCR newly added documents. This scheduled task is configured by the administrator, and runs daily with no user interaction. Once Auto OCR is set up, users can allow it to run knowing their new documents will be indexed and OCR’ed behind the scenes.

  • AutoStore for Laserfiche

    AutoStore’s integration with Laserfiche allows users to capture, process and store documents into Laserfiche directly from devices such as digital copiers, MFPs, desktop scanners and more.

  • Bluelake Kofax to Laserfiche Export Connector

    Bluelake’s Kofax to Laserfiche Export connector provides real-time release of documents from Kofax Capture into Laserfiche, and also supports auto-creation and naming of Laserfiche folders and documents based on meta data values. Intended for environments where a live connection to Laserfiche is available from the Kofax Release workstation(s). For importing documents captured without a live connection to Laserfiche, such as in a service bureau scenario, please see our Bluelake Laserfiche Import product.

  • Bluelake Laserfiche Import

    Bluelake Laserfiche Import is a point-and-click-configurable application for importing documents and associated meta data into Laserfiche, based on information contained in various import file formats. Once configured, individual configurations are stored as “Profiles” and can be executed from a traditional application launch or from a command line, and as a scheduled process. Compatible for importing documents and meta data into Laserfiche from Kofax Capture, Kofax Express, Psigen, and many other capture applications. Great for Service Bureaus who capture documents for their Laserfiche customers, without their own connection to Laserfiche.

  • Bolt Bridge and BOLT Bridge MFP

    Bolt Bridge is a software utility used for scanning, routing and indexing documents to Laserfiche, where low volume distributed scanning is desired.

  • Bolt Direct

    Bolt Direct is a connector application developed in partnership with Fujitsu for their network scanners. The combination provides Laserfiche users with Fujitsu’s renowned quality imaging, reliability and value in a compact and inexpensive network scanning solution.


    CAPSYS CAPTURE is a Web-based document and data capture software application that streamlines the process of acquiring documents and information securely and efficiently for submission into a Laserfiche document repository.

  • COLD Service

    This service resides between a COLD computer, such as an AS400, and Laserfiche.

  • DocuNav AutoFile

    DocuNav AutoFile saves time and reduces errors by automating the indexing and filing of records. AutoFile queries pre-existing databases (line-of-business or ERP) and automatically populates template data for Laserfiche documents. Additionally, AutoFile moves documents within the Laserfiche repository, automatically sorting them into folders (either pre-existing or created by AutoFile).

  • DocuNav AutoImport

    AutoImport reads barcodes while importing documents and then populates these values to template fields, folders and document names while loading into Laserfiche. AutoImport will import batches from numerous folder directories, FTP sites, multi-function copiers or fax equipment; separate into documents, import into Laserfiche and then start Laserfiche Workflow or Autofile rules.

  • EFI SendMe Laserfiche Connector

    EFI SendMe™ simplifies document distribution and management for paper-intensive businesses.

  • Email Manager

    Email Manager integrates with Laserfiche to provide semi-automated and automated classification, tracking, and archiving for emails and attachments. Searching Laserfiche for related content has never been easier. Integrated search capability allows for intelligent document search directly from Outlook. View Videos

  • Fast Folders Bar Code Tool

    Fast Folders Bar Code Tool (FFBC) was designed to offer users the ability to generate 3 of 9 bar-coded separator sheets automatically for future scanning tasks that would utilize Quick Fields.

  • GO! for Laserfiche

    GO! is your mobile content solution for all occasions. The GO! utility makes it easy to share, meet compliance requirements, or just go the road with your content. Export PDF’s & native files by date range, folder, or even with an advanced search query. The simple browser based interface makes your content universally portable, and able to be placed any media for distribution or storage.

  • IKON DocSend Laserfiche Connector

    IKON DocSend™ simplifies document distribution and management for paper-intensive businesses.

  • Laserfiche Connector for Ricoh

    Provides a convenient way to communicate with the Laserfiche Server on Ricoh MFD with ESA SDK version 7.x, 10.x or 11.x.

  • Laserfiche Connector for ScanSnap from Cities Digital

    The Laserfiche connector for ScanSnap from Cities Digital allows users to scan directly into Laserfiche from a ScanSnap scanner by selecting folders within Laserfiche. Also, it allows users to index documents before sending to Laserfiche.

  • LFConnector

    Using the LFConnector, paper documents can be scanned directly to a Laserfiche Repository using any eCopy-enabled digital copier or scanner.


    MARS is a next generation COLD product designed to capture, archive and index output from 3rd party applications, including PDF, HTML, ASCII and EBCDIC files, to a designated Laserfiche repository. All files processed by MARS are stored in the Laserfiche repository as PDF or TIF.

  • OCR Scheduler for Laserfiche

    The OCR Scheduler for Laserfiche automates the task of OCRing documents. The OCR Scheduler can schedule the OCR process to run at specified times of the day. It will also allow you to monitor the repository as a whole or specify specific folder nodes to monitor. Multiple sessions can be configured. Other advanced OCR features are included.

  • PlanetPress Suite

    PlanetPress Suite provides variable data document composition and document workflow, including output to print, email, archive (built in Laserfiche connector), fax and cloud (tablet). A combination of powerful capture solutions provide the ability to digitally capture inked pen strokes on paper without scanning, and cloud tablet presentment/capture for totally paperless workflows.

  • Reform

    Reform intelligently connects Ricoh and HP multi-function peripherals (MFPs) and line of business (LOB) applications to Laserfiche. When Reform delivers the documents to Laserfiche they can be indexed automatically or printed directly from Laserfiche. Many different types of technology are available in Reform both as standard features and as add-on modules.

  • ScannerVision to Laserfiche Connector (LF-Link)

    LF-Link is a “connector” designed to act as an interface between ScannerVision and Laserfiche.

  • SLIPGen for Laserfiche

    Web-based document indexing and slip sheet generation tool that significantly enhances the speed and accuracy of creating an organization’s folders and indexing documents.

Electronic Forms
  • Cerenade eConnector for Laserfiche

    Cerenade’s Visual e-Forms family of products enables users to create and manage user-friendly and WYSIWYG electronic forms and easily integrate these forms into a Laserfiche environment.

  • Cerenade Filler for Laserfiche

    Cerenade’s Visual e-Forms family of products enables users to create and manage user-friendly and WYSIWYG electronic forms and easily integrate these forms into a Laserfiche environment.

  • Laserfiche Integration with Laser App®

    The Laserfiche Integration with Laser App allows Laserfiche users to send Laser App forms to Laserfiche, automatically storing field information as metadata and tokens.

  • LincDoc Enterprise Edition (EE)

    LincWare’s LincDoc EE is an all-encompassing document factory for assembly and automation. It uses an intuitive business logic engine that, like an assembly line, makes simple the creation, roll-out and processing of complicated mission-critical documents.

  • LincDoc FreeForm

    LincWare’s LincDoc family of eForm creation and document automation tools empowers businesses and municipal organizations to better serve their customers and constituents, reduce costs and better leverage bottom-line critical information.

  • LincDoc Standard Edition (SE)

    LincWare’s LincDoc eForm creation and document automation tools empower businesses and municipal organizations to better serve their customers, reduce costs and leverage business-critical information.

  • Mi-Forms Mobile Data Capture Software

    Mi-Forms is a best-of-breed mobile data capture software platform that enables the capture of any data (photos, GPS, voice, signatures), on any device (iOS, Android, Windows, Digital Pen) and export of that data into Laserfiche ECM and other back-end databases and systems.

Email Archiving
  • Email Manager

    Email Manager integrates with Laserfiche to provide semi-automated and automated classification, tracking, and archiving for emails and attachments. Searching Laserfiche for related content has never been easier. Integrated search capability allows for intelligent document search directly from Outlook. View Videos

  • MagniMail by Cities Digital

    MagniMail is an email archiving solution for Microsoft Exchange. The entirely automated system allows for filtering and advanced rules, and includes a compliance dashboard for e-discovery.

  • Outlook Email Archiver by Cities Digital

    The Microsoft Outlook integration with Laserfiche allows users to track email correspondence by archiving it in their Laserfiche Repository.

    Multiple profiles are set up by the user, through the plug-in to determine where the files are archived, template data to be applied, and whether the attachments will be included or filed separately. Single emails can be archived, using varying profiles per email – multiple emails can be selected at once for bulk archiving.

    For a quick view of profile data per email record, users can toggle the Laserfiche Preview pane, which displays profile information along with applied metadata. Using the Outlook integration with Laserfiche not only fulfills the need for tracking email correspondence, but also for archive compliance.

Geographic Information Systems
  • CityView Government Solutions

    Local Government Building, Licensing, Inspections, Public Works and other departments use CityView solutions to reduce customer call volume, shorten issuance times, increase citizen self-service, increase inspector productivity, and reduce paper and manual processes.

  • DocuNav GeoDocs

    DocuNav GeoDocs is an enterprise-class Web services tool that unites Esri ArcGIS Server v9-v10 and Laserfiche Web Services v7-v8. GeoDocs enables users to locate critical documents in Laserfiche directly from the Esri map without searching in Laserfiche as well as index/attach documents stored in Laserfiche to the Esri map by simply right clicking.

  • EnerGov .NET

    EnerGov .NET™ combines cutting-edge land management and workflow automation with the latest in Laserfiche technology to deliver complete enterprise solutions to government agencies.

  • TRAKiT Enterprise

    TRAKiT e-Gov Software tracks the workflow of information enabling the elimination of work duplication to provide higher efficiencies into the processing of plan reviews, permit issuance, business licensing, mobile inspections and code enforcement violations.

Handwriting Recognition and Data Extraction
  • Bolt Script

    Bolt Script employs world leading cursive handwriting recognition technology including IWR, ICR, IMR, MICR, OMR, and OCR in a powerful application for Laserfiche ECM systems. It can recognize and extract cursive and hand-printed information embedded in forms, documents and checks for importing, routing, indexing and naming directly to Laserfiche systems.

  • Parascript FormXtra

    The expansive FormXtra platform offers structured, semi-structured and field-level data processing of machine print, constrained and unconstrained handprint and cursive. This enterprise-grade solution supports high-volume, complex document processing needs, and delivers flexibility for processing rules and workflows. The .NET API provides unprecedented control over forms processing definitions, routines and output. For users, this means a single solution that can process many types of business and office documents, and makes extracting key data simple and scalable.

Image Enablement
  • Affinity – Integration Tools Designed for Laserfiche Software

    Affinity is a flexible integration tool that brings the power of Laserfiche to most third-party applications. Experience instant integration with Web apps, Quickbooks and more. Affinity is ideal for VARs, end users and developers.

  • AMI Image Enable Toolbar

    AMI’s Image Enable Toolbar utilizes the power of "screen scraping" to bring click-free searches within Laserfiche from your favorite application.

  • DocuNav Navigator for TEAMS

    The DocuNav Navigator provides an interface between Prologic’s TEAMS software and Laserfiche’s content management solution maximizing K-12 education client’s investments in both applications. This integration tool enables users to simplify business processes and obtain greater efficiency. With Navigator, users can scan into and retrieve documents from Laserfiche without leaving the TEAMS application.

  • DocuNav QuickLink

    DocuNav QuickLink gives users a one-click retrieval integration from third-party applications to documents or folders in Laserfiche. No embedded or custom integration needed. QuickLink’s easy configuration and user-friendly interface simplifies customer training and is an instant value-add for customers desiring “Quick Search” integration from a third-party application to Laserfiche.

  • Laserfiche YARDI Integration

    YARDI is a popular Web-based accounting system for property managers.

  • LFLink for Laserfiche 8.1 and Microsoft Dynamics GP10

    ALCALA’s new simple and elegant integration image enables Microsoft Dynamics GP® 10 by allowing you to scan into and retrieve your documents from Laserfiche 8.1 without leaving GP.

  • Ratchet-X for Laserfiche

    Ratchet-X for Laserfiche is a universal application adapter that allows users to Laserfiche enable any Windows, browser or legacy application without requiring changes to those existing applications. Ratchet-X allows single click access to related documents and index and workflow data exchanges between line of business systems and Laserfiche.

Meeting Management
  • iCompass-Laserfiche Connector

    The iCompass-Laserfiche integration facilitates a seamless flow of documents throughout the entire meeting cycle. From creating an agenda packet, to posting documents online, it streamlines the entire process. One click publishing of your iCompass meeting documents to the Laserfiche Document Management System gives users the maximum benefit from both solutions.

  • Laserfiche + Granicus 21st Century Legislative Records Management

    The Granicus-Laserfiche Certified Connector allows users to import agenda data into the Granicus system, creating a seamless exchange of legislative information between the two systems, helping users avoid duplicating work in multiple systems.

  • NovusAGENDA

    NovusAGENDA is electronic meeting management software designed to help create, approve and track items for past and future board meetings. The time and budget saved by automating the agenda and meeting management process has astounded users since 2002. Better yet, NovusAGENDA now includes NovusBOARDVIEW, bringing the full power of electronic data access to the fingertips of each board member.

Physical Records Management
  • Infolinx WEB Express and Infolinx WEB Enterprise

    Infolinx provides barcode and RFID driven records management software governing the entire lifecycle of physical records, such as paper files, media, boxes, and microfilm. Integrated with Laserfiche, our thin-client feature-set includes online requesting and transferring, advanced security configuration, and robust reporting.

  • Laserfiche Basic Training Video

    A complete training video for Laserfiche end users including scanning and security management organized in 120 clips of a half a minute to a couple of minutes each. Each clip has specific examples.

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