Drive Digital Transformation

Accelerate how business gets done with the Laserfiche Digital Transformation Model.


Centralize Content and Optimize Costs


Eliminate Busywork to Save Time and Resources


Streamline Operations and Drive Innovation

Powering Change and Driving Innovation with Technology

The Laserfiche Digital Transformation Model is a three-pillar approach to optimizing business processes, enhancing company culture and elevating the customer experience. A non-linear model with three inter-related pillars, it’s possible to move fluidly between the pillars at any given time.


Optimize costs and eliminate paper when you convert your documents from paper to digital. A central location makes it easy to find documents, providing a safe and secure place for content

You should digitize if you…

  • Spend time scanning and categorizing information
  • Are never sure who has the right version of a document
  • Spend time shredding sensitive documents


Tedious tasks and busywork become an automatic after-thought when they’re automated as part of a business process, freeing up employees to focus on more productive work.

You should automate if you…

  • Spend time copying and pasting information into documents
  • Manually key in data from paper into a digital system
  • Have no visibility into critical processes


Drive innovation enterprise-wide with integrated and centralized systems and by leveraging predictive analytics to provide a better experience for customers and employees alike.

You should transform if you…

  • Set goals but never check to see if you’ve achieved them
  • Collect data, but you’re not using it to make decisions
  • Are ready to integrate and centralize your systems

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