Automate processes and deliver enhanced services to members of your nation quickly, easily and securely.

Transform and Enhance Access to Services in Native Nations Through Automation

Automate processes and deliver enhanced services to your community quickly, easily and securely.

Preserve your culture. Serve your community.

Laserfiche’s content services platform (CSP), records management and workflow automation tools make it easy for you to protect what’s important while also improving how you deliver services to your nation’s members.

  • Secure your most vital documents
Ensure the security of your vital documents are safe from environmental and human mistakes, while also making them more easily accessible for you and future generations.
  • Enhance service to your community
Enable your staff and members to share and update information using web forms that can connect with your other business systems, making sure data is always accessible and accurate.

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Do more with Laserfiche

Say goodbye to paper and single-purpose software.

Support those who need services

Laserfiche Forms helps to ensure residents have secure access to request aid and assistance at any time of day.

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Increase organizational efficiencies

Automating processing means staff spends less time on paperwork, and more time providing reliable, timely services. Speed up your process automation projects using the Laserfiche Solutions Marketplace.

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Full control and ownership of your assets

Laserfiche’s secure platform stores and protects your data, making it easier for your organization to decide who can access you assets and how they access your assets.

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How the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma Created a Paperless Human Resources Department

Prior to implementing Laserfiche, this tribe had to deal with inconsistent personnel files and paperwork being constantly misfiled or lost. Laserfiche completely revitalized their human resources department and made it almost completely paperless.

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