By: Misty Blair
Technical Writer

Laserfiche Audit Trail is a web-based program that enables you to view reports of activities that have taken place in your repository. Auditing helps to show compliance with legal regulations and contributes to the security of your Laserfiche repository.

The ability to load an Audit Trail report via URL lets you share audit reports with other audit users who have permission to build reports.

Example: Core Inc. uses Audit Trail to track productivity. Joe, one of the managers, can build an Audit Trail report URL that shows the productivity of the employees and email the URL to all the other managers in the company. As long as they have the appropriate permissions, the managers can click the URL and see a productivity report without having to build an audit report themselves.

Along with sharing audit reports among permitted users, you can also generate audit reports from other applications, such as Web Access.

Example: You could create a Show Document History button that, when clicked with a document selected, will launch Audit Trail with appropriate filters to show the actions performed on that document. The filters are defined in the URL, and you can add as many filters as you like.

For specific syntax on building Audit Trail URLs, see the following resources:

For more information on Audit Trail, see the Audit Trail help files.

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