You don’t have to do things perfectly all of the time—you just have to do the right things when it matters most.

A quick win is an improvement that is visible, has immediate benefit and can be delivered quickly. The best quick wins are easy to implement, inexpensive, have a narrow and focused scope, and can be fully implemented within 60-90 days.

Quick wins provide project momentum by driving early value. They can help onboard new departments, attract project champions and provide confidence to the broader organization that your project is worth supporting. On a large project with a longer timeline, quick wins show immediate value by getting something done.

When you’re starting a new document management project, these five quick wins will get your office on board.

Quick Win #1: Sample the entire buffet

Document management systems offer many options for customization – and not all of them require IT assistance. In fact, you can get many quick wins through features that come right out of the box.

Here are some examples of out-of-the-box features to look for:

Even though these features may seem small to you, the process efficiencies they bring can be huge.

Quick Win #2: Small process change, big results

One way to get an immediate win is to introduce process efficiencies through small process changes. Business process automation is great for auto-filing documents, assuming your template and fields provide values that coincide exactly with your folder structure.

For many organizations with a large and diverse customer base, setting up auto-filing can be challenging. Configuring your business process automation software to auto-file and auto-name documents is a quick win that will save time and reduce error—leading to an increased ROI.

Download a step-by-step guide to auto-filing and auto-naming here.

Quick Win #3: Stop cutting the top off the ham

Have you ever heard the urban legend about the woman who cut the top off the ham before cooking it “because that’s the way Grandma did it”? And it turns out that Grandma did it that way because she had a small oven—which isn’t even a problem anymore? (Intrigued? Here are 5 other bad pieces of advice we’ve heard about business process automation.)

Reengineering a business process, questioning assumptions and eliminating unnecessary steps are the best ways to deliver an immediate positive impact. Diagram your process to identify bottlenecks, steps that can be automated or eliminated, and existing pain points. When the Florida League of Cities automated its accounts payable process, it didn’t just automate existing steps—it shortened the entire process.

Quick Win #4: Transform your forms

Most organizations collect information through paper forms, Word or PDF attachments, or emails—and web forms make it easier to collect and manage information. With web forms, you can easily automate information collection processes associated with forms like travel requests, employee evaluationspurchase orders and job applications. Just ask department heads for the forms they use, and in no time you’ll have a long list of quick wins waiting for you!

Quick Win #5: An educated user is a happy user

Users who know what a document management system is capable of are excited about using it. If they’re excited about using it, they’re more likely to think of new ways to use it. And if they’re thinking of new ways to improve business processes, they’re making your job easier.

Learn more training and change management tips here.

Remember, quick wins are useless if no one knows about them! Measure and report the benefits you’ve achieved, and share them with key stakeholders.

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