Tech Tip: E-mail Attachments in Workflow 8.0.1


Laserfiche Workflow 8.0.1 introduces the ability to add attachments to e-mails sent during routing. This allows you to include documents or folders pertinent to an e-mail directly in the message. For instance, if you send an e-mail to a colleague notifying him that he needs to review a document in the repository, you can send him a shortcut to that document. Or if a report for a particular customer is returned by a Find Entry activity, you can then attach that report as a PDF to an e-mail to that customer.

You can attach either the entry that triggered the workflow, or any entry returned by an activity within the workflow. Workflow supports attaching either documents or folders; shortcuts will be attached as the type of entry they point to. You can choose to either attach a shortcut to the entry or a copy of the entry.

Attaching a shortcut to the entry will attach a .lfe file; when the .lfe file is opened, it will launch the Client, prompt the user to log in, and then take the user directly to the specified entry. If the person you are sending the attachment to has the Laserfiche Client installed and has access to your repository, we recommend using the .lfe shortcut. The .lfe shortcut is a smaller file, since it’s simply a pointer to the document. It also respects the repository’s security settings and auditing, and allows the user to see all the relevant metadata.

However, if a user does not have the Client installed or access to your repository, you should attach a copy of the entry instead. This creates a copy of the document (or of all the documents in the folder, if the entry is a folder), and allows you to specify the format in which you want to export it. For instance, you could include a copy of the contents of a folder, with imaged documents included in PDF format and electronic documents in their native format.

Workflow 8.0.1 offers many options for including attachments with e-mails. You can specify which document types will be included, how images will be exported, whether the entries will be compiled in a zip file, what the maximum attachment size should be, and more. For further information, see the E-mail activity section of the Workflow 8.0.1 help file.

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