Congratulations to the Laserfiche Run Smarter® Award Winners

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Laserfiche is excited to announce the winners of the 2024 Laserfiche Run Smarter® Awards. We created this awards program to honor people and organizations around the world that use Laserfiche to improve productivity, build innovative processes and achieve exceptional business results.  

Meet the 2024 winners:  

Laserfiche Advocate of the Year: Blake Smith, Senior Analyst – Business Systems, Circle K  

Blake Smith, senior analyst – business systems, at Circle K, has consistently gone above and beyond to provide detailed and insightful information that has had a profound impact on other Laserfiche users. Smith shares firsthand experience and expertise to contribute to the collective knowledge of the Laserfiche community while also acting as a resource for best practices, guidance and meaningful discussions about Laserfiche and workplace transformation. 

Nien-Ling Wacker Visionary: Joel Manfredo, CIO at the Motion Picture Industry Pension & Health Plans (MPI) 

MPI CIO Joel Manfredo has been the catalyst for bringing many innovative tools and processes to MPI. By implementing Laserfiche Forms and process automation, MPI was able to continue serving its members through one of the longest writers and actors strikes in entertainment industry history, avoiding $3.3 million in operating costs, and providing $209 million of financial relief to over 14,000 people. 

Tom Wayman Digital Transformation Leader of the Year: Odhran O’Brien, Archdiocesan Archivist and Director of Archives and Information Governance at the Archdiocese of Perth 

As the Archdiocesan archivist and director at the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth for the past seven years, Odhran O’Brien has exemplified digital transformation leadership, transforming the organization’s information governance across 26 community service agencies, 109 parishes and the central administration. O’Brien developed a strategic five-year plan for ISO 15489 compliance and executed it with his team, empowering the organization to become a leader in this field.  

Solution Marketplace Submission of the Year: Discrimination Reporting Form — submitted by Rob Banks, GIS Coordinator and Business Systems Analyst for the City of Salem, Massachusetts  

Available through the City of Salem’s website, the Discrimination Reporting Form aims to capture comprehensive data on discriminatory incidents experienced by community members, including bias, racist actions and microaggressions. The form makes this type of reporting more accessible by being available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Haitian Creole, and eliminating the barrier of requiring in-person reporting, which can be daunting, re-traumatizing or embarrassing.   

Laserfiche Program of the Year: MilliporeSigma 

The global packaging materials team at MilliporeSigma built and implemented STARS (scheduling, testing and reporting system) through Laserfiche. STARS acts as a centralized hub to input configuration and testing information in a standardized way, facilitate calculations of testing formulas, collect reviews and approvals, and generate reports to be shared organization-wide. This initiative has improved efficiency in the packaging testing review process by over 80%, freeing up time for investigating new materials, and exploring new projects and research. 

Laserfiche Team of the Year: IT Department, SIU Medicine 

The IT department at SIU Medicine has just five developers that support over 2,500 staff and learners at the organization. Since introducing Laserfiche to the organization, demand for the team’s services has skyrocketed. With each request, the team has not only delivered a solution but also reimagined legacy processes, saving time and costs in the tens of thousands of dollars, and improving the overall experience.  

Best Program ROI: MSIG Hong Kong 

MSIG Hong Kong, a subsidiary of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited, built EASY Claims on Laserfiche, and has significantly improved efficiency at MSIG, automating over 100,000 tasks that previously required manual user input. With Laserfiche, MSIG has increased overall productivity by 1.4 times per hiring cycle within the Claims department.  

Change Maker of the Year: DHL Aviation 

DHL, one of the world’s leading logistics companies, uses Laserfiche to create more sustainable and efficient operations. The company’s Laserfiche initiatives have opened opportunities to gather data on processes, enabling the organization to continue to optimize and grow without sacrificing quality in its services. 

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