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How Piedmont Trust Company Refined Customer Service

Edward Wright, Managing Director at Piedmont Trust Company, describes how the company integrated Laserfiche into its technology platform.

Contributed by:Edward Wright, Managing Director, Piedmont Trust Company

At Piedmont Trust Company, our clients are primarily all members of one extended family. They need access to a large number of documents on a daily basis. Integrating Laserfiche into our organizational technology infrastructure has enabled us to significantly improve customer service.

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics

In order to give our relationship managers access to all client documents directly within our CRM system, we have integrated Microsoft Dynamics with Laserfiche. Relationship managers can now click on Account Documents in the Account tab of Dynamics to view all the documents associated with a particular account directly in Laserfiche Web Access. Now, when talking on the phone with clients, relationship managers can pull up the required documents quickly and easily.

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In order to accomplish this we leveraged the IFrames capability of Microsoft Dynamics which allowed us to embed the Laserfiche Web Access directly within the CRM with scripting. Users log in with Windows Authentication passed through Internet Explorer.

Custom Website

In order to allow clients access to their important documents without having to call our office, we created a custom Website and integrated the custom front-end with Laserfiche using the Laserfiche SDK. This Website is a secure, online document storage area. Once logged in, clients are able to both download and upload documents through this portal.

The documents on the site are actually images and links. When a customer clicks on a link, a request is passed onto Laserfiche.

  • The customer is logged in as a Web user and his/her login credentials are checked against a SQL table to make sure that s/he is a valid user.
  • The customer’s folder in the Laserfiche repository is opened based upon the appropriate security rights which are obtained by looking at the customer’s Website login credentials.
  • The requested document is retrieved and opened.
  • The customer is then logged out.
  • A customer can also upload documents to be saved in his or her folder in Laserfiche with all the required security. The required folder is selected based on the credentials that the customer is using to log into the Website. If no folder for this customer exists, it is created.
  • Only that particular customer can then access the uploaded documents.

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