Building Advanced Processes with Laserfiche 10

This Certification is designed for users who maintain the Laserfiche solution at their organization and are familiar with both Forms and Workflow. It validates your knowledge how to design a business process, pass information between Laserfiche Forms and Workflow, integrate your workflows with other software systems that store information in databases, generate documents using a Word or PDF template, utilize Flow Control activities for processing and routing, and test and troubleshoot your workflow with tools in Workflow Designer, Windows, and the Workflow Admin Console. Completing the assessment at the end of this series will also contribute towards your Laserfiche Certification.

This Certification applies to:
  • Laserfiche 10
Course Details
  • DifficultyAdvanced
  • Lessons6
  • Duration3 hours, 46 minutes
  • Price$150
Building Advanced Processes with Laserfiche 10 Certification
Laserfiche 10

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