Building Laserfiche Workflows 10

This Certification is designed for users who are brand new to Laserfiche Workflow, and for those who are maintaining their organization’s existing Workflow environment. It validates your knowledge how to describe Laserfiche Workflow and business processes, gather information and diagram a flowchart based on your findings, navigate the Workflow Designer, identify components in three main parts of Workflow Designer: the canvas, the Toolbox, and the properties pane, build, test, and publish a basic workflow, and automate and expand a workflow using more advanced activities. Completing the assessment at the end of this series will also contribute towards your Laserfiche Certification.

This Certification applies to:
  • Laserfiche 10
Course Details
  • DifficultyIntermediate
  • Lessons7
  • Duration3 hours, 23 minutes
  • Price$150
Building Laserfiche Workflows 10 Certification
Laserfiche 10

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