Integrations with Laserfiche 10

This Certification is designed for users who want to integrate Laserfiche with third-party applications, websites and services. It validates your knowledge how to define the purpose and uses of Laserfiche Connector, integrate third-party applications, websites, and services using profiles in Laserfiche Connector, incorporate integration actions into Laserfiche Workflow, identify the Laserfiche SDK libraries and tools, as well as what they’re used for, and program and develop custom applications using the Laserfiche SDK. Completing the assessment at the end of this series will also contribute towards your Laserfiche Certification.

This Certification applies to:
  • Laserfiche 10
Course Details
  • DifficultyAdvanced
  • Lessons7
  • Duration2 hours, 45 minutes
  • Price$150
Integrations with Laserfiche 10 Certification
Laserfiche 10

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