The following Guidelines illustrate proper use of Laserfiche trademarks and copyrights in the United States but are not intended to be an exhaustive list of Laserfiche’s rights in its trademarks, service marks, trade names, logos and copyrighted works. Laserfiche reserves all rights in its intellectual property, including rights not expressly described in these Guidelines. Laserfiche shall not be liable for any damages arising out of use of the Laserfiche trademarks or copyrighted works pursuant to these Guidelines.

Laserfiche Trademarks

A trademark is typically a word, symbol, design or logo used to identify and distinguish the source of specific goods and services. Laserfiche's trademarks are Laserfiche intellectual property and are important, valuable assets of the company. As such, Laserfiche's trademarks must be used properly by following these Guidelines.

Laserfiche’s registered United States trademarks include: LASERFICHE®, COMPULINK®, RUN SMARTER® and RIO®. Laserfiche also owns common law trademark rights in these trademarks, among other unregistered trademarks.

Usage Guidelines for Customers, Licensees and Other Third Parties

These Guidelines apply to all Laserfiche employees, affiliates, customers, licensees, authorized resellers, consultants, outside vendors and other third parties who are authorized to use Laserfiche trademarks.

Licensees of a Laserfiche trademark under a marketing agreement or other partnership agreement shall comply with the applicable license agreement, which may have different terms or usage guidelines in addition to or that supersede these Guidelines.

Any and all other usage of a Laserfiche trademark or logo must follow these Guidelines, which may be

modified at Laserfiche’s sole discretion. If you are unclear on the proper use of a Laserfiche trademark or whether you have authorization to use any Laserfiche trademark, please contact the Laserfiche legal department.

Prohibited Uses of Laserfiche's Trademarks

Please DO NOT:
  • Incorporate a Laserfiche trademark into the name of any non-Laserfiche product or service, or otherwise include a Laserfiche trademark in any domain names, trademarks, logos or company names.
  • Use any trademark in connection with non-Laserfiche goods or services in a manner that is likely to cause confusion or mistake that Laserfiche is the source or sponsor of or otherwise approves such goods or services.
  • Use any trademark in connection with non-Laserfiche products or services that is likely to cause confusion or mistake as to your affiliation, connection or association with Laserfiche.
  • Use any Laserfiche trademark in a way that dilutes or tarnishes Laserfiche’s brands.
  • Use or allow others to use Laserfiche trademarks without a license or appropriate approval.

Use of Laserfiche trademarks for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of Laserfiche may constitute trademark infringement and unfair competition in violation of federal and state laws. Use of Laserfiche trademarks is prohibited, unless expressly authorized.

Rules for Proper Use of Laserfiche Trademarks

These rules ensure the Laserfiche trademarks are used in the proper trademark manner. Please be sure to adhere to the Laserfiche brand guidelines when using Laserfiche trademarks.

  • Trademarks are adjectives used to modify nouns.
    • An appropriate and approved noun must accompany the trademark. Do not use a trademark as a noun or as a verb.
    • Do not make the trademark possessive.
    • Do not use the trademark in the plural form unless the trademark itself is in the plural form.
    • Trademarks should only be used in the approved manner. Do not shorten, hyphenate or abbreviate a trademark.
    • Do not change the colors or typeface of a logo or trademark.
    • Do not add words or design elements to the trademarks.
    • Do not make up names that contain Laserfiche trademarks.
    • Spell Laserfiche’s trademarks correctly.
  • Please make sure to include appropriate acknowledgement of Laserfiche’s ownership of the trademark.
    • Always use the appropriate trademark symbol (®, ™ or ℠) with each trademark in the proper location. The superscript or subscript mode is preferred, but if it is not available, use parentheses: (TM), (SM) or (R).
      • Only use the ® symbol in connection with the specific products and services for which the trademark is registered.
      • Use the symbol "TM" with unregistered trademarks used to identify just products or products and services.
      • Use the symbol "SM" with unregistered service marks used to identify just services.
      • The proper trademark symbols for trademarks used and registered in countries outside of the United States are governed by the laws of those countries. Please contact the legal department using the below contact information if you have questions about the use or registration of Laserfiche trademarks outside of the United States.
    • Always acknowledge trademark ownership by identifying Laserfiche marks as being owned by Laserfiche by including a trademark legend.
      • For example: Laserfiche, the Laserfiche logo, Compulink, Rio and Run Smarter are registered trademarks of Laserfiche in the United States and other countries.

Laserfiche Trademark Usage Examples

Laserfiche® Cloud automatically performs OCR on all documents scanned or imported into the repository.
Make FINRA compliance a breeze with Laserfiche® Vault software.
The Laserfiche® Rio® system includes an unlimited number of Laserfiche servers and repositories.
Use Laserfiche to digitize and organize both paper and digital information.
Make FINRA compliance a breeze with Laserfiche™.
Laserfiche-Rio includes an unlimited number of Laserfiche servers and repositories.

When content mentions use of one of our registered trademarks, such as Laserfiche as a software product, the trademark symbol should appear near the first or most prominent use of the trademark.

Laserfiche Copyrights

A copyright protects an original work of authorship, including pictorial, graphic, audiovisual and literary works. Any use, distribution, display or reproduction of Laserfiche’s original works of authorship is prohibited without prior written approval from Laserfiche. Such materials include, but are not limited to, the Laserfiche software code, content and text displayed on Laserfiche’s website, or other documentation, brochures, guides, artwork, designs, photographs, diagrams, videos and images.

If authorized, your use of Laserfiche’s copyrighted material must be accompanied by one of the following statements:

"Copyright 2019 Laserfiche"
"© 2019 Laserfiche"

Contact Information

For further information or to report third-party use that you believe may violate Laserfiche’s rights, please contact:

Laserfiche – Trademarks and Brands –
3545 Long Beach Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90807