Laserfiche is the owner of valuable trademark rights in connection with its LASERFICHE brand. In order to maintain and enforce these rights, it is important that the trademarks be used properly and in a consistent manner. These Trademark and Brand Usage Guidelines govern the use of Laserfiche trademarks and logos. These Guidelines apply to Laserfiche employees, licensees, consultants, authorized resellers, outside vendors, and other third parties that are authorized to use Laserfiche’s trademarks.

Use of Laserfiche trademarks, including logos, should be specifically licensed in a formal written agreement, e.g., Value Added Reseller Agreement. If you wish to use a logo, please get in touch with your regular Laserfiche contact who will work directly with Laserfiche Legal to assist you, or feel free to reach us at the contact information located at the bottom of this page.

Trademark Specifications

  • Laserfiche® should have a trademark registration symbol for the first or most prominent occurence in any creative or marketing form.
  • Properly designate (with ®, ™ or SM) all of Laserfiche’s trademarks at the trademark’s first occurrence in a text or editorial piece, the most prominent use, headlines, and in each use as a graphic. To provide notice of Laserfiche’s rights, a registration symbol (®) should be used after the following registered trademarks: LASERFICHE, COMPULINK, RUN SMARTER and RIO. If not registered, the trademark (™) or service mark (sm) symbol should be used to provide notice to the public that Laserfiche considers the designated word to be a trademark.
  • Properly footnote and acknowledge trademark ownership with the following complete acknowledgment line for all brand references:
    • “Laserfiche® and Run Smarter® are registered trademarks of Compulink Management Center, Inc. doing business as Laserfiche.”
  • Product logos should be written in Aller font.

To keep the integrity of the logo, follow the principles below:

When using the tagline lockup version of the logotype, keep the cap height of the tagline’s letters .05 units below the descender of the “f” and refrain from scaling the taglines’ height higher than 1.5 units of the height of the logotype. Maintain a width smaller than 95% of the width of the logotype.

Our Core Logo Colors

Laserfiche orange grade 50 (Pantone 1655) is our core logo color. The orange version of the logotype should be used on images and white backgrounds. The white version of the logotype should be used on brand accent colors for illustrations. For all other documentation, please use the black logotype on a white background.

Clear space helps to isolate the Laserfiche logotype so it doesn’t compete with other elements in any collateral such as text, other logos, taglines, and graphic elements.


Please Do Not

  • Put Laserfiche trademarks on merchandise or giveaways of any kind, without prior written permission.
  • Combine Laserfiche trademarks with any other trademark, logo, or name.
  • Create your own “version” of Laserfiche trademarks. Our trademarks should be used according to these
    guidelines or a signed agreement with licensing rights.


Examples of Do’s and Don’ts:




Logotype Usage Don’ts




Laserfiche retains all rights to its trademarks, service marks, and other intellectual property. You may not file trademark applications for or claim any intellectual property rights to the Laserfiche logo or any derivatives thereof. We want to ensure the continued style and distinctive elements of Laserfiche trademarks, and appreciate your cooperation. If you become aware of any infringement of the Laserfiche trademarks, please immediately notify us.
For a downloadable version and more details of our Laserfiche Logo Guidelines, please click here .

Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments regarding the use of our trademarks, these guidelines, or wish to request a License Agreement with us, feel free to reach out at:

Compulink Management Center, Inc. d/b/a Laserfiche
ATTN: Legal Department
3545 Long Beach Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90807