Justice Systems

Justice Systems

Transform bulky case files into easy-to-find, always-accessible electronic documents.

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Create a central hub for law enforcement records

Securely manage arrest records, lab reports, photos, audio and video files from one system.

Link scanned documents, photographs and other items with CAD-RMS case files.

Provide officers with access to records from their squad cars.

Instantly search the full text of transcripts, witness statements and depositions.

Answer inquiries immediately with direct access to pleadings, filings, reports and more.

Securely share records between agencies

Expedite document review between court staff, attorneys and law enforcement.

Automatically notify attorneys of assigned cases and notify police when charges are filed.

Enable police officers to submit police reports, pre-trial motions and other documents electronically.

Maintain different levels of security for each type of document within a case file.

Enable mobile court case management

Enable instant information sharing between judges, clerks, attorneys and records managers.

  • Speed case review and processing with automated workflow steps that can be accessed on any device.
  • Enable judges to review and take action on case files through the Laserfiche Mobile app.
  • Automate case filing and records requests to free up staff time.
Improve legislative transparency

Deliver high-quality records to staff and the public with ease.

  • Enable citizens to view court opinions, agenda items on demand.
  • Publish an online public record complete with audio, video and supporting documents
  • Provide judges with real-time documentation in their chambers to perform remote video arraignments.

The City of Wichita Falls, TX

“By pairing technology with the gang injunction process, we’ve enhanced our ability to reduce violent crime.”

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