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General Solutions

Learn how organizations in different industries use Laserfiche to cut costs and maximize efficiency by automating their business processes.

Laserfiche Forms powering an electronic HR employment application

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Laserfiche Forms

See how organizations use Laserfiche Forms to automate and digitize data collection for a wide variety of business processes, all in one unified system.

Laserfiche forms powering an electronic public records request form

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Learn how state, local and federal government organizations are using Laserfiche to automate government-specific business processes.

Laserfiche workflow diagram on laptop screen

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Accounts Payable

Discover how accounting departments use Laserfiche to automate accounts payable and related business processes.

Higher education professional

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Higher Education

See how universities and colleges streamlined higher ed business processes using Laserfiche.

Business professionals using Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software

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Human Resources

Discover how human resources departments implement HR automation, helping them prioritize people over paperwork.

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