Get a full introduction to enterprise content management

Get a complete overview of the fundamentals of Laserfiche software and see live demos of how to:

Eliminate paper-based activities

that waste employee time and rack up storage bills.

Automate core business processes

like accounts payable, contract management and customer service activities.

Build easy-to-implement software solutions

that meet the needs of both IT staff and business users.

Ensure records security and compliance

with the push of a button.

Who should attend?

IT Professionals

Records Managers

Department Managers


Anaheim, CA


October 22nd, 2018

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Learn the basics of Public Records Law from legal experts. You'll also see technical solutions Laserfiche offers to Public Records Requests and how it can eliminate tedious, paper-based processes that waste time and money by transforming them into automated digital workflows.


Los Angeles, CA


November 8th, 2018

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Find out ways to build a solid foundation to achieve transparent records management and understand how the solution fits into different line of business applications.

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