ECM Integrations

Centralize operations and increase productivity by integrating your digital content with other applications.

Point-and-Click Integration

Unify multiple applications with an intuitive, wizard-driven integration tool.

Automate Routine Tasks

Offload time consuming and manual tasks with robotic process automation (RPA.)

Develop Custom Solutions

Use a flexible software development kit (SDK) to create sophisticated solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs.

Integrate Laserfiche with Other Applications

  • Eliminate redundant work by accessing documents, launching scanning and populating metadata from within third-party systems
  • Reduce manual clicking by working in an external system directly from within Laserfiche
  • Increase user adoption by embedding Laserfiche directly in your website

Decrease Manual Work with Robotic Process Automation

  • Use robotic process automation to integrate multiple applications quickly and without coding
  • Integrate legacy systems where APIs are not available or in situations where a deep level of integration is not practical
  • Enable employees to offload manual tasks like filling out forms and data entry, so that they can focus on strategy and revenue-producing activities

Reduce Duplicate Data Entry

  • Retrieve information from any integrated application and send it into Laserfiche with a single click
  • Reduce data entry errors by populating document metadata or electronic forms with information from an external database
  • Keep systems in sync by automatically saving information from Laserfiche in an external application

Integrate Laserfiche with Various Applications

Microsoft Office

Save documents, spreadsheets, emails and presentations into Laserfiche directly from Microsoft Office applications

Digital Signature Software

Automatically send documents for digital signatures by integrating Laserfiche with Docusign or SignIx

Geographic Information Systems

View all documents on a map through a Laserfiche integration with ESRI or other geographic information systems (GIS).

CRM and ERP Systems

Centralize all customer and employee information by integrating Laserfiche with popular customer resource management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems such as Salesforce and PeopleSoft

Multi-Function Devices

Simplify digitizing of documents by quickly connecting Laserfiche with popular multi-function devices from Ricoh, Samsung, and more

Payment Gateways

Streamline requests and applications by integrating electronic forms with payment gateways such as and Braintree

“New account documents are extremely time sensitive. At times, we would have to interrupt advisors during meetings to get a signature. We were looking for a paperless system with efficient workflow, SEC and FINRA compliance and a strong integration capability.”

—Barry Chapman II, Director of IT for Hanson McClain

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The Guide to Integrating Document Management Software

Learn the guidelines and questions to consider when approaching an integration, and see examples of successful implementations and the results of thorough planning.

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