Generate and close enterprise accounts

Win large licensing agreements by offering your clients an attractive ECM system design.

Fast User Adoption

Products built on Microsoft skillsets for immediate user adoption

Simplified Installations

Allows shared services for contracts, HR, A/P and other core processes

Flexible Interface

Flexibility for individual departments to customize as needed

Open Integrations

Includes SharePoint, Dynamics, ArcGIS, DocuSign and many more

Work with a complete ECM software suite

Instead of piecemealing ISVs together and using multiple software vendors, work with one fully-integrated suite of document and business process management features.

Simplify with ECM

Production-level document capture and processing platform developed exclusively for an ECM system

Integrated Tools

Completely integrated e-forms, workflows and public portal tools

Compliance and Security

DoD 5015.2-certified records management solutions and built-in audit tracking

Get system design and bid support

Get personalized input from Laserfiche sales and technical engineers on how to fit ECM functionality into your solutions
  • Technical inquiries
  • Custom Demos
  • Proposal Assistance
  • Complete Laserfiche Test Environment
  • Sales Team Briefings
  • ECM System Design

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