Accelerate Work with Laserfiche Cloud

Speed up operations, simplify complex tasks and stay prepared for the future with the leading cloud content services platform for content capture, document and records management, low-code process automation and integration solutions.

Work Smarter with Optimized Processes

Automate vendor onboarding, accounts receivable, contract management and more with industry-proven process automation tools to optimize inefficient processes and focus more time on value-added work.
  • Accelerate Transformation with a No-Code Process Designer

    Quickly map out and automate manual tasks with a code-free drag-and-drop designer that includes a wide collection of industry-validated process templates to jumpstart your solution design.

  • Digitize and Automate Form Submissions

    Eliminate paper forms, speed up manual approvals and automatically route form submissions to others or directly into your third-party CRM, ERP or legacy system.

  • Gain Actionable Business Intelligence

    Use data-based insights from your automated processes to remove bottlenecks and make informed business decisions with custom and built-in reporting tools.

Manage All Stages of Your Content

Organize important information across the enterprise so the right people have access to the right content whether they’re in the office, working remotely or they’re a client or constituent accessing documents.
  • Centralize Your Enterprise Content

    Organize, securely access and archive your organization’s files in a unified place supported by powerful document management tools including document versioning, annotations, audit trails and more.

  • Connect and Collaborate with Teammates and Customers

    Simultaneously edit documents with internal team members, publish read-only content to a public portal, or share content with external clients via trackable links.

  • Manage the Full Records Lifecycle

    Simplify compliance using comprehensive records management tools to centrally archive records, set retention cycles, send disposition notices and more.

Make Content Easily Accessible and Searchable

Intelligently capture content and minimize time-consuming manual work by auto-filing incoming documents into a quickly searchable, organized location.
  • Accurately Capture Invoice Information with A.I.

    Maximize productivity by automatically capturing invoice data, routing invoices to approvers and pushing data to your accounting system.

  • Streamline High-Volume Capture

    Bulk import files or emails, apply OCR, capture metadata and perform image correction on documents to efficiently capture and organize content.

  • Quickly Find Content

    Find exactly what you’re looking for using comprehensive full-text search capabilities, including search by keyword, metadata, annotations and many more custom search types.

Unify the Systems Your Teams Use Every Day

Enable connected user experiences across the line-of-business applications your teams rely on by taking advantage of natively supported integrations, no-code robotic process automation tools and APIs to develop custom solutions.
  • Automatically Sync Your Data with Direct Integrations

    Work natively across Salesforce, Microsoft 365, Ellucian, Redtail and more with pre-built integrations that reduce development efforts and facilitate smooth user experiences.

  • Create Custom Integrations that Fit Your Business

    Leverage RESTful web APIs for developers to design tailored experiences with other line-of-business platforms.
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  • Integrate Legacy Systems with RPA

    Use workflow bots that capture information directly from third-party websites, spreadsheets and application screens to integrate legacy and proprietary systems with modern enterprise apps.

Produce Better Work, Faster with Even More Tools

Move business forward quickly and seamlessly with these powerful tools.

  • Direct Share

    Easily and securely share documents outside of your organization and support governance with a tool that provides the ability to email documents with password-protected links and automatic expiration dates.

  • Records Management

    Get unparalleled 360-degree view of records in a records management platform guided by DoD 5015.2 principles to help strengthen compliance across all content and processes.

  • Smart Invoice Capture

    Reduce the turnaround time of your accounts payable process with an machine learning-driven intelligent capture tool to seamlessly capture information from any invoice, in any format.

  • Reporting and Analytics

    Make more informed decisions with data-driven insights when you discover data trends with custom reporting tools and built-in analytics charts.

  • Microsoft 365 Integration

    Minimize context-switching and streamline workflows by creating, editing, routing and archiving your Microsoft 365 documents in Laserfiche.

  • Robotic Process Automation

    Better bridge automation and integration gaps using robotic process automation to minimize manual data entry while maintaining data accuracy and integrity.

  • Electronic Forms

    Create digital-first experiences with web-based forms that make it easy to capture information from clients, constituents or students — then kickstart an automated approvals or review process — with low coding required.

Get Started with Laserfiche Cloud

Automate business-critical processes and properly secure your content.

Accelerate Transformation with Solution Templates

  • Learn automation best practices and gain inspiration from solution designs that are vetted by Laserfiche and industry experts.
  • Accelerate a return on your investment by leveraging prebuilt templates.
  • Easily tailor templates to specific needs to save time and quickly deploy solutions.
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Security and Compliance Tools that Help You Protect Data

With a combination of security features, compliance attestations and a commitment to privacy, Laserfiche Cloud helps keep your data secure and confidential.
  • Enterprises Worldwide Trust Laserfiche with Their Data

    In addition to data encrypted at rest and in transit, Laserfiche Cloud includes tools such as audit logs and granular controls to regulate information access.
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  • Supporting Your Organization’s Compliance

    Laserfiche provides records management tools to support your regulatory compliance initiatives and maintains a SOC 2 Type 2 Plus attestation, which includes the security requirements set forth in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).
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  • Championing Business Continuity

    With encrypted backups of customer information performed regularly, performance and health monitors, and data centers hosted in multiple regions for redundancy, Laserfiche helps your organization work without disruption.
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  • Committed to Privacy

    Laserfiche has embraced a culture of privacy, and has embedded privacy-by-design in our engineering efforts. In addition, Laserfiche implements a range of technical and administrative controls that align with leading practices to help protect customer data.
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Laserfiche Customer Success

“Laserfiche provides us with a secure and stable platform. It’s going to allow us to grow — it’s going to scale with us as we continue to scale as an organization.”

Thomas Sowinski – assistant vice president for Business Applications, Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies

Laserfiche Cloud Transforms the Way Work Happens Across Industries and Departments

Increase employee productivity and elevate the customer experience by powering digital transformation with Laserfiche Cloud.
By IndustryBy Department

Wealth Management

A four-time winner of Best Document Management by Industry Awards, Laserfiche Cloud helps you tackle compliance challenges — including SEC Rule §17a-4 — with automated records retention features, readily available audit reports and designated third party services. Plus, you can open new accounts in less than 30 minutes.

  • Audit reporting
  • WORM storage
  • Data duplication
  • New account automation
  • Integration with CRMs, LaserApp, digital signature and more

Higher Education

On a modern campus, managing student records and processing student requests across multiple systems creates unnecessary challenges for staff and students. Laserfiche Cloud automates key processes and creates a seamless flow of data across applications in departments from admissions and contract management, to HR onboarding and faculty tenure and promotion.

  • Ellucian Ethos integration
  • Electronic forms
  • Workflow automation
  • DoD-certified records management tools

K-12 Schools & Districts

Long document retention periods, stringent compliance requirements and lack of centralization for student files are challenges for districts and their schools. Digitize student services and automate processes to minimize operating costs district-wide while maintaining the integrity of confidential records with Laserfiche Cloud.

  • One digital, centralized system
  • Powerful, easy-to-use process automation
  • Electronic forms and workflow
  • Document-level security

State & Local Government

An inability to confidently protect sensitive information creates difficulty in effectively serving citizens. Secure documents, records and data, enhance the citizen experience and centralize communication to create a collaborative workforce — from IT departments, housing and public health agencies as well as the clerk’s office.

  • DoD 5015.2 version 3 certification for records management
  • Granular security and access controls
  • Mobile access with biometric verification
  • Public portals to connect with citizens


Instead of documents spread amongst systems and various folders and common roadblocks to progress, Laserfiche Cloud expedites daily tasks with intuitive workflow automation and process control. Plus, teams can measure productivity and better manage workloads with reporting and analytics tools.

  • Stringent document control management to support compliance needs
  • Digital transformation through process automation and reporting
  • Automation solutions realize fast ROIs

Community Banks & Credit Unions

Rather than loan-processing roadblocks, lengthy compliance reviews and approvals for customer account management, Laserfiche Cloud helps community banks and credit unions streamline operations, elevate the client experience and make compliance a breeze.

  • Firm-wide workflow automation, from account opening to loan processing automation
  • Centralized customer records
  • Instant auditor access to digital records

Accounting and Finance

Error-prone data entry, lack of cashflow visibility and strenuous audit preparation can disrupt smooth financial operations and increase risk of fraud. With Laserfiche Cloud, accounts payable  and finance teams can transform their department by simplifying audits, keeping systems in sync and automating approval tasks.

Business Continuity Planning

There are numerous unpreventable events that can bring business to a halt. From blackouts to hardware failure, worldwide pandemic to flooding or earthquakes, Laserfiche Cloud can help keep business moving with automated backups and by automating core processes, providing access to mission-critical documents from any device and staying connected with customers via public portal.

Case Management

Instead of manual-dependent tasks and office-only access to case documentation, Laserfiche Cloud provides anytime, anywhere access to client files and service request forms. Improve response times with the ability to automatically route case information for review.

Contract Management

Time-intensive and paper-heavy, contract management often lacks visibility. Automate back and forth reviews, enable version tracking and co-author any contract to simplify the entire contract lifecycle of contracts on any device.

Human Resources

From recruitment to retirement, updating an employee’s files and keeping up with administrative tasks like distributing tax documents often prevents the department’s focus on larger initiatives. Automate HR onboarding, address compliance and easily access personnel files in one place, all while keeping sensitive employee data confidential with Laserfiche Cloud.

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