Laserfiche Cloud is your ultimate Software as a Service (SaaS) business document management solution.

Promote secure collaboration anywhere, anytime

Digitize, organize, automate, and secure information across your organization to transform how you work

Rapid user onboarding

Get up and running quickly – rapid implementation, ready to deploy process library, and easy user adoption minimizes dependence on internal resources

Built in disaster recovery & backup

Laserfiche Cloud is a true SaaS solution which is always backed up and up to date with the latest features, creating business continuity for your most valued resource – your information

Transform your office into a digital workplace

Digitize and organize both paper and digital Information

Turn information trapped in paper documents and file cabinets into secure digital content

Never lose a document again by scanning directly to Laserfiche Cloud

Upload, view and modify content in an easy-to-use, fully responsive user interface

Drive efficiency with a customizable folder structure, auto-importing of documents and automatically applied metadata

Focus on what matters by eliminating manual tasks

Automate business processes by department, cross-functionally or across your organization

Create and publish electronic forms without coding or scripting

Kick off routing and approval workflows when electronic forms are submitted

Stay on top of your information via dashboards and reports of all submitted forms, tasks and approval histories

Keep business processes moving by reviewing submissions on any device, anywhere, anytime

Your information security is job number one

Meet business objectives while securing your information

Rock solid architecture and automated security updates keep your information safe in a secure digital content repository

Set up and manage security rights from a user friendly administrative console

Automated backups create business continuity for critical information

Ensure compliance and manage risk with built-in audit reports