Use Software Bots to Minimize Manual Data Entry

Legacy and homegrown apps remain an important part in driving everyday business operations for many organizations, but often lack traditional integration access points. This prevents more seamless user experiences and require employees to perform error prone, manual data entry and clicks. With built-in robotic process automation tools from Laserfiche, your organization can better bridge automation and integration gaps, so your teams can focus on more productive initiatives.

Leave the Busywork to the Bots

With robotic process automation-powered tools combined with the full process automation and content services suite from Laserfiche, there is no automation challenge that your organization can’t tackle.

All-in-One Automation Platform

Deploy workflow bots natively in Laserfiche as part of a comprehensive automation platform.

Promote Data Integrity

Consistently complete tasks without errors, promoting more reliable and accurate results.

Boost Employee Morale

Offload manual clicks and data entry so employees can focus on more engaging strategic work.

Keep Tasks Moving 24/7

Bots work around the clock to make sure your data is where it needs to be.

Enable Complete Solutions

Extract information from external sites or legacy applications to close automation gaps.

Shorten Development Cycles

Quickly deliver solutions using no-code tools that accelerate development time and lower costs.

Support Compliance

Use bots to perform tasks in a consistent, trackable manner to help satisfy regulatory policies.

Minimize Disruption

Run bots over underlying apps and systems without having to disrupt existing process flows.

Centralized Management

Manage bots alongside other automated process in one unified platform with centralized security.

Solution Provider Program

Unlock a recurring revenue stream while helping your clients reach new productivity levels. Laserfiche is flexible enough to serve your clients today and powerful enough to scale with them in the future.

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