Automate Repetitive Tasks

Minimize data entry and routine tasks across multiple applications enterprise wide

Integrate Legacy Applications

Optimize automated processes by closing gaps between legacy and modern systems

Improve Data Accuracy

Ensure quality results by leveraging the accuracy and consistency of workflow bots

Optimize Automation Across the Enterprise

  • Easily build and scale automations code-free by recording manual tasks across the screens of third-party applications.
  • Unlock more value from legacy systems by integrating with systems that lack APIs.
Laserfiche robotic process automation work flow screen.

Focus on More Productive Work

  • Instantly update line-of-business applications with information captured from the screens of third-party websites, spreadsheets, documents or other applications.
  • Regain time for more strategic initiatives by using workflow bots to offload manual, repetitive actions, such as copying and pasting data.

Complete Last Mile Integration Efforts

  • All-in-One Automation Platform

    Deploy workflow bots natively in Laserfiche as part of a comprehensive automation platform

  • Ensure Data Integrity

    Consistently complete tasks without errors, promoting more reliable and accurate results

  • Keep Tasks Moving Smoothly 24/7

    Run business operations around the clock by leveraging workflow bots that run tirelessly

  • Shorten Development Cycles

    Quickly address business needs using no-code tools that accelerate development time and lower costs

  • Centrally Manage Bot Security and Versioning

    Manage production bots, bot versions and user security alongside other published automated process

  • Enable Full End-to-End Solutions

    Extract information from external sites or legacy applications to close automation gaps

Find out how robotic process automation enhances efficiency across departments, freeing up staff to focus on higher-value work.

Get a Personalized Demo of Workflow Bots

Learn how workflow bots can help you  close integration gaps and improve efficiency, accuracy and productivity across the enterprise.

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