Cost-Efficiency, ML and Interoperability — Laserfiche Predictions for Manufacturing and Healthcare in 2024

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At Laserfiche we’re always looking forward. We also know that industries like manufacturing and healthcare are continuously searching for new ways to address their industry’s unique challenges.

That’s why in the new year, we asked one of our resident industry experts — Grace Nam, Strategic Solutions Manager: Manufacturing and Healthcare — to make predictions about what innovations and ideas healthcare organizations and manufacturing firms are going to prioritize in 2024.

Healthcare organizations will leverage new technologies to innovate and reduce costs:

  • Trends in healthcare technology in 2024 will heavily focus on cost-effective solutions, specifically in Finance/RCM areas, to drive operational efficiency and increase workforce satisfaction.  AI-enhanced workflow tools will be used to enhance existing processes and better leverage data to become more efficient and solve legacy industry challenges such as staffing burnout and the lack of harmonization for healthcare operations.

  • Interoperability and artificial intelligence will play a large role in the innovation of healthcare technology in 2024 and will be necessary to control the rising needs in healthcare data management and analytics, specially in the clinical field. By allowing AI-enhanced workflow, organizations can implement better data exchange between processes and immediately deliver results in cost and time savings, while significantly improving staff and patient satisfaction.
  • AI tools will be utilized to enhance current healthcare technologies, further expand the capabilities of automation and streamline day-to-day operations. As personal value-based care will continue to grow in 2024 and it will be critical for healthcare providers to create digital access to support in-person and telehealth visits in order to maximize outcomes for both healthcare organizations and patients while driving consistent operational efficiency. 

Manufacturing will utilize AI and other technologies to achieve improved interoperability:

  • In 2024, more manufacturing companies will integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning to address high-cost functionalities with compliance documentation and interoperability issues between software and technologies. By utilizing process automation and enhancing data processing speed, manufacturers can increase operational efficiency and reduce costs with improved systems while achieving business agility and scalability. 

  • We can expect greater adoption of digitization and process integration by manufacturers in 2024. These solutions will allow manufacturers to make critical decisions in a timely manner, prioritize high-cost challenges, and control compliance. Additionally, more manufacturers will make significant investments in AI, ML and integrations in order to address delays in production, document and data control, inventory management, inspection and shipping. 
  • Manufacturing enterprises are often vast and complex, and in 2024, data exchange and management will be crucial in achieving interoperability. By efficiently using and processing data through the power of automation, manufacturers will be able to create a work environment that not only encourages employee productivity but attracts younger generations of talent. Using digital tools to move data more seamlessly throughout manufacturing systems will be key to boosting ROI in 2024.

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