How D. L. Evans Bank Improved Customer Service with Laserfiche

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Laserfiche Solution Contributed by: Tato Munoz, IT Director, D. L. Evans Bank

With over $1.2 billion in assets under management, D. L. Evans Bank is one of the leading banks in Idaho. However, before using an ECM system, the firm’s large customer base required using an excessive amount of paper that needed to be routed between multiple branches and the head office.

For example, if a customer reported a lost or stolen credit card in the past, he would have to fill out a paper form and submit it to the customer service representative. The representative then had to:

  • Create a service ticket in the BancVue CRM
  • Fax the form with the ticket number to the credit card department
  • Email the credit card department about the incoming ticket
  • Contact the customer once the credit card had been issued

Today, this process has been automated and made paperless with Laserfiche Workflow.

Current process

The paper form has been replaced with a fillable PDF. Now, when the customer reports a lost or stolen credit card, the customer service rep opens the PDF and enters the account number. The customer signs the form electronically and the form is saved in Laserfiche where it is processed by Laserfiche Workflow and routed to the appropriate departments for approval.

Laserfiche Workflow monitors this process, enters all pertinent information into the BancVue CRM and generates the corresponding email notifications.

The blank lost/stolen credit card PDF form that is populated by Laserfiche Workflow

Once the form is saved in the repository, Laserfiche Workflow:

  • Populates the remaining fields in the form with information from the CRM.
  • Automatically creates the service ticket in the CRM.
  • Emails the branch operations executive assistant a link to the file in Laserfiche, so she can verify that all documentation is in order. She can then either accept or deny the application.
    • Accepted applications: An email is sent to the credit card department, which can either accept the application for processing or deny it. Denying the card triggers an email notification to the customer service representative and closes the ticket.
    • Denied applications: An email with an explanation is sent to the customer service representative, and the ticket is closed.

When the processing is complete, Laserfiche Workflow:

  • Automatically updates the service ticket in the CRM.
  • Routes the form to the finalized storage location in Laserfiche.
Lost/stolen credit card documents are stored in the Bankcards folder by customer name.
  • Sends an email to the customer service representative with a link to the finalized document.
  • The customer service representative can then notify the customer.

Here is what this workflow looks like:


Benefits of Laserfiche

Implementing Laserfiche at D.L. Evans has resulted in the following benefits:

  • Audit time has been reduced from six weeks to two weeks since all documents are available directly in Laserfiche.
  • Credit cards are issued in a much more timely manner, since information no longer needs to be faxed back and forth.
  • Customer service has improved because a customer service representative can quickly retrieve a document or copy of signature directly from Laserfiche, without having to get it faxed from a different office.

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