In Higher Education, Low-Cost Business Process Automation is Your Gateway to Creating a Fully Digital Campus

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Today’s students don’t just desire a digital campus, they require it. Having grown up in the digital age, Gen Z university prospects are accustomed to accessing resources and hyper-speed responses to questions 24/7 at their fingertips. While technology has always played an essential role in higher education, the Covid-19 pandemic drove colleges and universities to step up their digital transformation games much sooner than projected.

This widespread adoption of streamlined technology continues to demonstrate its value as campuses return to in-person learning yet face the next wave of administrative challenges: enrollment declines combined with amplified student service demands. If these obstacles sound all too familiar, you’re not alone. Universities across the globe are racing to update decades-old processes and eliminate administrative drudgery that can strain budgets and negatively impact student and staff success. In this new era of higher education, low-cost business process automation is the gold standard for more efficient, streamlined, and effective approaches to decode multi-departmental collaboration puzzles.

Empowering Your Workforce through Automation

In every chapter of your digital campus transformation tale, business process automation is the protagonist – a technology hero that can turn tiresome tasks into a seamless data workflow. Envision transcripts processed in the blink of an eye, student data updated effortlessly, and access to sensitive information safeguarded with precision. Alongside your university digital transformation journey, Laserfiche’s content management and process automation solutions emerge as your team’s north star, empowering students and staff with transparent portals that deliver the right information at the right time.

Process automation, synonymous with business process management, harnesses technology to automate the mundane. But this digital tool isn’t just about relieving humans of repetitive chores; it’s about unleashing their potential. It’s the spark that ignites innovation, propelling institutions forward.

Survey Reveals Substantial Growth Potential for Innovations in Higher Education Automation Processes

Though the extraordinary potential for cost savings and efficiency is a clear win for higher education, low-cost business process automation is still an under-utilized resource for many universities. A recent Laserfiche survey revealed that only 10% of schools embrace fully digital processes – an untapped opportunity for the remaining 90%.

Today’s higher education process automation platforms use novel technologies to perform increasingly complicated tasks, such as capturing, categorizing, interpreting and sharing student data from a wide variety of original document formats and across multiple campus departments. Still, humans are the ones who drive this change and innovation. Automation simply allows them to do more as they work to keep student and staff performance moving forward.

Your Fully Integrated Digital Campus Awaits

So, what’s your next step? Get ready to enter a new era in higher education with Laserfiche’s innovations in enterprise content management and make the most of the outstanding potential that automation, integration, and advanced AI technologies provides.

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