Introducing Laserfiche AI Document Summarization

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New! Arriving April 30, 2024 to Laserfiche Cloud is Laserfiche AI Document Summarization, powered by generative AI. This technology is one more step in Laserfiche’s transformative journey to harness AI for customer productivity.

Here’s how it works: 

First, add any document into your repository with text or voice transcription (yes, even videos!). 

The document repository in Laserfiche Cloud.

Next, select the document and go to the Details pane and click the Summary tab. Click the Create Summary button. 

The "Create Summary" button in AI Document Summarization in Laserfiche Cloud.

In a few seconds, you’ll receive a concise description of the document’s contents. You can delete, copy, or regenerate the summary as needed. With a single click you can also copy and share the summary directly into an email, or copy the summary with the URL.   

Concise summary of a document's contents via AI Document Summarization in Laserfiche Cloud.

How This Benefits Laserfiche Customers 

Laserfiche AI Document Summarization can make a profound impact on time management for every organization that uses it. By condensing documents of all kinds — extensive reports, mystery documents, research papers, slide decks, and hours-long video transcripts — it allows our customers to quickly grasp essential information without wading through every page or minute of recordings. 

Imagine you are conducting discovery for your legal department and have physical boxes with hundreds of paper documents that you must scan into Laserfiche. How do you make sense of them all once they’re scanned and OCRed in your repository? Save potentially hundreds of hours generating summaries to hone in on which documents need further attention. 

Have thousands of invoices that aren’t yet labeled and filed? Generate a summary to understand the vendor, age and value of the invoice without diving into it. 

Did you find a trove of historical documents from a migration that are a mystery to your organization — and you’re not sure what retention policy to apply? Generate a summary to find out which ones you need for compliance. 

These are just a few examples at the efficiencies we expect to see from our customers — using summaries to ensure key insights and data are not overlooked, allowing for better decision-making and quickly finding important content. 

Another benefit of generative AI for document summarization is that it excels in understanding context and extracting nuance, presenting overviews that are not only representative of the content but also the underlying themes. This means summaries are not superficial but include a depth of understanding that would typically require multiple readings by a human. 

But keep in mind, generative AI is not without limitations, and quality of summaries can vary based on the source material and AI model used. But be assured, we have built Laserfiche AI with privacy and security top of mind. Our commitment is that your data is not used for training of any AI models. You can find out more in our privacy notice. We also recognize that not all customers have AI policies in place yet, so Document Summarization can be disabled by an Admin, if needed. If you’re interested in learning more, visit our FAQ. 

We hope all our customers try out Laserfiche AI Document Summarization at their organization to see how it streamlines operations, allows teams to quickly extract critical information, and frees up employee time for strategic tasks and decision making. We’re laser-focused on generative AI customer productivity tools that move the needle, and we can’t wait to share more of our AI roadmap with our customers. And as always, we’re open to your feedback. 

-The Laserfiche Team 

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