Laserfiche Champions Dive Deep: Unveiling Key Learnings from Empower 2024

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Laserfiche Champion Program members recently gathered in a virtual lounge session for a lively debrief on their experiences at Empower 2024, Laserfiche’s annual user conference. The session boasted a dynamic mix of both seasoned attendees and newcomers – over 57% were either attending their first or second Empower.

This diverse group shared valuable insights, feedback, and best practices gleaned from the event. While some feedback echoed themes from the official Empower survey, other Champions offered valuable suggestions for currently available resources like training and webinars.

This blog post, based on topics the Champions discussed in the virtual lounge, offers valuable takeaways for both Empower attendees and those who couldn’t attend, providing a glimpse into the event’s impact on the Laserfiche user experience.

A Strong User Community: Learning, Networking, and Laserfiche 12

The discussion yielded several key takeaways, emphasizing the value the conference delivers to the Laserfiche user community. Here’s a closer look at some of the key points:

  • Excitement for Laserfiche 12: The preview of Laserfiche version 12 (LF12) generated a wave of excitement among Champions. Many are eager and excited to explore the new features including the simplified and more streamlined test mode and the new metadata template designer.

  • Skill Development Takes Center Stage: The high demand for hands-on labs and advanced courses at Empower underscores a strong user desire to refine their Laserfiche expertise. Specific areas of interest included:
    • Forms Management
    • User Management
    • Repository Security
    • JavaScript & CSS in Forms Designer
  • The Power of Connection: The opportunity to connect and share knowledge with fellow Laserfiche users proved to be a significant benefit for attendees. User group meetings, networking events and interactions with Laserfiche experts fostered a sense of community and collaboration.
  • A Feeling of Community: Many Champions found value in the in-person format, emphasizing the value of face-to-face interactions in building rapport and camaraderie among Laserfiche users.

Beyond Empower: A Continued Learning Journey

The Empower spirit of learning doesn’t end with the closing of the conference. Here’s a glimpse into how Champions are actively continuing their Laserfiche journeys based on the Virtual Lounge discussions:

  • Deepening Knowledge: Champions are actively exploring new features like training and scheduling functionality, modern forms features and potential integrations with third-party applications. Overall, Champions want to stay ahead of the curve and optimize their Laserfiche deployments.

  • Knowledge Sharing: The discussions in the Champion Virtual Lounge revealed a strong user desire to share knowledge and collaboratively solve problems. This collaborative spirit fosters a supportive environment where users can learn from each other’s experiences and expertise.

By prioritizing user needs through targeted sessions, expanded educational resources and a strong user community, Empower events can continue to encourage and inspire Laserfiche users like the Laserfiche Champion Program participants.

The Champion Virtual Lounge discussions serve as a valuable platform for ongoing engagement and knowledge sharing, fostering a vibrant user community that thrives before, during and after the Empower conference. To learn more about the program and upcoming Laserfiche events, visit and

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