Top Use Cases for Electronic Records Management

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While the feature set of a records management system can be robust, it’s not always easy to identify where and how to use the tools effectively. Below are a few use cases that highlight the benefits of implementing electronic records management within your organization.

Use Cases for Finance Departments

A highly regulated part of any business, a finance department can find many benefits in implementing electronic records management:

  • Customer invoicing: Keep a historical record of invoices and purchase orders for as long as they’re needed or required.
  • Compliance: Automate reminders to perform records management actions, such as archival and disposal, to promote regulatory compliance.
  • General ledger: Support transparency in your organization’s reporting practices with properly stored and kept evidence of transactions.

Use Cases for HR Departments

As the department responsible for employee onboarding and support, human resources manages many records that contain sensitive and regulated information. Here are a few electronic records management use cases for HR:

  • Employee information protection: Get automatic reminders to dispose of or archive information, so your organization can keep employee information for only as long as required by regulatory bodies.
  • Status changes: Develop a referenceable system of record that tracks status changes as employees onboard, offboard and change roles.

Use Cases for Legal and Compliance Departments

For legal and finance departments, accuracy and efficiency is an essential part of conducting business, and helping to ensure audits of their organizations go smoothly. Below are some common electronic records management use cases for these departments.

  • Retention schedules: Set reminders for records managers to dispose of or archive records in alignment with their retention schedules.
  • Legal holds: Change and keep track of legal hold statuses for records that are involved in ongoing litigation.
  • Regulatory compliance: Stay In good standing with regulators using a system that enables proper adherence to retention schedules and other information governance guidelines.
  • eDiscovery: Keep content for as long as legally necessary, to support your organization’s efforts to fulfill its duties during the discovery process.

Use Cases for Business Continuity

Whether an individual unit or a group of individual experts across multiple departments, teams need effective tools to mitigate the risk that comes with disruptions to business. Here are a couple of ways electronic records management can assist your organization in its efforts to create a more resilient enterprise:

  • Remote access to records: When your office is inaccessible, host a cloud repository that enables access to records as needed for internal use, litigation or audits.
  • Data security and privacy: Records management tools can help ensure your organization keeps records for only as long as needed, reducing the amount of data vulnerable to security and privacy breaches if they occur.

Customer Spotlight: City of Ithaca/Tompkins County

Learn how one county in New York reduced the time to furnish records in response to FOIA requests by more than half.

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