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While the capabilities of intelligent content capture can be robust, it’s not always easy to identify where and how to use this tool effectively. Below are a few use cases that highlight the benefits of implementing intelligent content capture within your organization.

While the capabilities of intelligent content capture can be robust, it’s not always easy to identify where and how to use this tool effectively. Below are a few use cases that highlight the benefits of implementing intelligent content capture within your organization.

Use cases for finance departments

A highly regulated part of any business, a finance department can find many benefits from utilizing intelligent content capture:

  • Customer invoicing: Reduce time spent processing invoices and matching purchase orders using technology that pulls data directly from appropriate documents.

  • Purchase order (PO) generation: Extract important information from scanned or imported purchase orders, making them easier to identify and match to invoices.

  • Invoice processing: Gather data directly from scanned or imported invoices, making invoice information easier to verify and match with relevant purchase orders.

Use cases for HR departments

As the department usually responsible for employee onboarding and support, human resources can be responsible for managing a large breadth of content on any given day. Here are a few ways deploying intelligent content capture can help:

  • Employee onboarding: Get employees started faster by extracting relevant information quickly from digitally submitted forms.

  • Vacation requests: Better plan for employee time off with the ability to quickly review information related to vacation requests.

  • Professional development requests: Support employee growth with fast response times to requests for professional development.

  • Employee forms and requests: Furnish requests quickly with digital forms that you can quickly gather relevant data from.

Use cases for legal and compliance departments

For legal and finance departments, accuracy and efficiency is an essential part of conducting business, and helping to ensure audits go smoothly. Below are some ways these departments can benefit from implementing intelligent content capture.

  • Sharing information with clients and customers: Utilize digital forms that can capture information directly from customer and client submission, limiting the need for email attachments that can come with the risk of being intercepted or compromised.
  • E-signatures: Enable convenient signing of a variety of documents with digital signatures that can be captured electronically via native functionality or using integrations with specialized e-signature software.

Use cases for supply chain management

Supply chain management can be a challenge for many businesses and can cause ripple effects throughout an organization if not managed correctly. Here are some ways intelligent content capture can be used to help those who manage supply chains gain new efficiencies:

  • Procurement: Get up-to-date information from parts inspections in the field with the ability to capture information from digital forms submitted online.

  • Quality control: Capture information directly from forms submitted online to drive efficiency during quality inspections.

Use cases for customer service departments

Customer service departments rely heavily on the accuracy of their information to provide the highest level of service possible. Here are some ways these departments can utilize intelligent content capture:

  • Customer satisfaction: Ensure customers are satisfied by collecting and referencing accurate, timely information on client calls and emails.

  • Application processing: Extract key pieces of information from applications for programs and services to better organize relevant documents and respond to requests.

  • Support ticket submissions: Gather submitted information automatically and accurately, helping to ensure faster turnaround times for support tickets.

Use cases for IT departments

Information technology departments are usually fielding many projects and requests at once. Without the right tools, resources can run thin quickly. Here are a few ways intelligent content capture can help your IT department utilize its resources effectively:

  • Case management: Capture data directly from documents relevant to cases, making information more convenient to store, retrieve and share.

  • Helpdesk support: Ensure quick turnaround times for helpdesk tickets with the ability to gather submitted information directly from incoming requests.

Use cases for sales teams

The more information salespeople have, the more empowered they are to inform customers and close deals. Here are some ways intelligent content capture can assist salespeople and their teams in generating revenue for their organizations:

  • Sales contracts: Extract key information directly from contracts, making them easier to sort through, locate, retrieve and organize.

  • Travel and expense requests: Furnish requests quickly with the ability to gather data directly from submitted forms.

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