Use of AI in Higher Education Revolutionizes Administrative Processes

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Popular concepts of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are often associated with futuristic applications and cutting-edge innovations. However, the use of AI in higher education today is already amplifying real-world applications in campuses across the globe, subtly revolutionizing back-office operations, empowering staff with previously unattainable efficiency and accuracy, and freeing them to focus on higher-value tasks.

Recent fluctuations in enrollment rates and financial pressures have required higher education institutions and their staff to do more with less. As challenges intensify, institutions are recognizing the need for more sophisticated technology solutions that can simplify complex tasks, optimize shared resources, and streamline budgets.

The Power of Generative AI in Higher Education Admissions

One area where the potential use of AI in higher education shines bright is admissions. Traditional admissions processes often involve repetitive tasks that can be time consuming. Generative AI has the power to reshape this landscape by making initial applicant screening more efficient.

Laserfiche’s recent partnerships with higher education institutions demonstrate how generative AI can automate information extraction from transcripts, simplifying the admissions process and allowing staff to bypass repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

Picture this: Generative AI can autonomously make preliminary decisions about student acceptance. Though human involvement will still be necessary at higher approval levels, AI can review the quantitative aspects of admissions, such as high-school courses and grades, thereby eliminating a major portion of the upfront workload with admissions staff. This means faster, more consistent decision-making and fewer bottlenecks.

Real-Life Success: SUNY Empire State College’s Use of AI in Admissions Reduces Response Times from a Week to Less than an Hour

Witness the impact of AI at work. Laserfiche partnered with SUNY Empire State College, implementing AI-powered transcript processing. The results? Response times slashed from a week to under an hour, significantly refining student engagement and boosting their staff’s ability to process higher volumes of applications and requests.

Discover the Full Potential of AI + Automation and Data Integration

Curious to explore how the use of AI in higher education can reshape your back-office staff’s workflow? Dive into Laserfiche’s comprehensive white paper, “Your Guide to Creating a Fully Integrated Digital Campus,” and witness the extraordinarily impact of AI in higher education. Plus, explore how low-cost business process automation creates high returns at universities, get tips on remediating data silos, and mobilize best practices in change management to set your digital transformation up for success.

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